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    I am working on something with genealogy.. I have copied and pasted into an excel.. and essentially I need to isolate potential duplicates.. there are thousands of names , so if I could somehow highlight these matches it would be great.

    I delineated the data to separate first and last name.. anyway , I want to conditionally format so that it highlights them.. I'm just running into the issue that it will highlight everything that is a duplicate, but ..I need it to highlight first and last match ONLY.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated !!!!

    Please see attached example.

    THANK YOU !!!!


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    Ok, Thank you !

    I have attached another file .. this is what I am trying to do.. I don't know if you have any suggestions on how you would approach this,,.

    Basically, I have the three tables.. I put a little "calculator" in the bottom which is where I'd be entering the values.. (this is just a fabricated spreadsheet so excuse the lack of sense it seems to make lol ) so when I enter those values , or leave blank in areas that weren't mentioned/not requiredI want it to tell me "athletic" or "unathletic" or FIT

    HOWEVER, when the data in the highlighted cells is OCCASIONALLY instead of FREQUENTLY, I want it to say LESS THAN than athletic, etc. ..ONLY in those highlighted cells.. and they vary across the tables..

    Sorry, I promise I try to figure this stuff out on my own before I bug you guys!


    Sorry! Don't have my work computer with the exact doc. but this is an abbreviated version/example. highlighted cell is where the formula is ..


    Just wondering if anyone has any feedback.. have some nested if ands.. it's returning 0.. (changed from general to text ) and if I copy and paste the formula into another cell it's just showing the written formula.. any suggestions?

    Thanks !


    I'm sure there is a really obvious answer to this but I've tried a ton of combinations with nested ifs, if ANd,IF OR and I'm stuck. Keep getting the error too many arguments for this function..

    I'm trying to get it to do this :


    (Sorry if my () and ""s are wrong )

    So basically if

    Column B has no value keep the row blank

    If it does column E adds ten workdays to the date in column D

    but if column B = exam I want it to be 15 workdays to not 10..

    Any help would be much appreciated!:)

    Basically what I'm trying to do is I have 4 conditions

    If met and if date prior to 02/19/2002 than No.

    If met date after 02/19/2002 than yes

    if not met and date prior to 2/19/2002 than yes

    If not met and date after 2/19/2002 than yes.

    I got it to work but the issue is if I don't have "met" or "Date" filled in column D which the yes/ no is showing a YES. Sorry to ramble ... Don't know if I'm explaining that any better

    I'm using this formula ..


    How do I get it to not run this if the cells in B and C are blank ? So column D will just remain empty ..not a YES or a No?

    Thank you !