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    I’m new to VBA and need a macro that does the following:

    Take the named range for a column (“namedrange1” on worksheet “destination”) and a named range for a row (“namedrange2” on worksheet “destination”) - essentially a table matrix, look at each cell for each corresponding named range combination to see if it meets a specific criteria (value is greater than zero or has a value of “name”) on that worksheet (“Destination”).

    For each value that meets that criteria, find a value on another worksheet (“namedrangevalue” on worksheet “source”) where “namedrange1” = “namedrange3” (a column on worksheet “source”) and “namedrange2” = “namedrange4” (another column on worksheet “source”). All five named ranges are integers.

    This needs to be a macro and not a formula since each of those cells in the table matrix will be overwritten with user inputs. I’m sure this is easy VBA, but I’ve struggled to get anything working.