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    I want to Generate 2 separate CSV files which Contains information as available in (Result for Bank) and (Result for CSV) sheet of the attached file

    The Main Source data is available in Salaries Sheet

    For Bank Sheet

    Date will be 27th of every month; and Date Identifier is 1

    Debit Account Number is Fixed,

    Amount column is the Net Salary is the name of Employee BEN.ACCT is the BANK ACCOUNT

    BEN. REFERENCE is the Month name

    BEN. SORT. CODE will be lookup from Bank Codes Sheet

    BEN. BANK is the name of bank of employee

    For CSV Sheet

    Phone# is the first column and Agent will be 2nd column and Third column will these

    Name "your salary for" Month "is" BASIC 35000 PHONE 5000 GROSS 40000 "Payee" 1300 NET 38700

    The above salary details part will contain information if the amount is available in the heading

    for example, if the phone amount is available then it will show in the message

    The deduction sum will be shown as Payee in the message

    So the Leaves Arrears Phone Bonus OverT payee have amount then they will be the part of the message otherwise not.

    I am sure you expert will help me in this regard

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    I have a macro which is working fine but when I run the macro I have to manually input the row number for a specific keyword " Expected "

    I tried Find function which find the keyword and also by using activecell.address i can get the cell address but I am unable input this cell address in input box

    My file is attached

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    Attached file is the sample file actual data have more than 10K+ rows .... I am trying to write a vba code for below steps for Sheet 1 ... Please note Expected Result is the outcome of this macro

    1: Filter the " B Column" without #N/A value

    2: Replace the Value of C columns with B Columns' filtered values

    3: Copy and paste as value the entire C Column

    Here is my Recorded code which need to be rewrite


    • Filtered.xlsm

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    THanks for this code but I am getting this error

    Run Time Error 438:

    " Object does not support this property or method "

    error is on this line

    .AutoFilter.Range.Offset(1, 0).Resize (.AutoFilter.Range.Rows.Count - 1)

    Try this

    You can record a macro whilst doing it manually as you have for the video. The code will need tidying up afterwards, but post the code here and I'll take a look

    Record a macro


    I hope all of you are doing well. I am trying to write code but failed . My sample file is attached .

    Result file (Commission) is attached for reference.

    I want to do below

    1: Add a column After C Column

    2: Lookup C column Data from "Product IDs" sheet in Column D

    3: Filter the Without #N/A Data from Column D

    4: Filter the Commission Amount less than zero from column E

    4: Select the Completed Filtered Data from Column A to E Paste Special to a New Workbook and Save it with Name " Commission"

    Many many thanks in advance