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    I have 3 checkboxes on my main page and I want to have a value placed into another cell based on what is checked from the boxes. So If the customer wants product 1 it is price A (pulled from another sheet, if they want product A and B then it is another price (pulled from another sheet) IF they want product A,B, C then it is another price (Pulled from another sheet)

    From the top row 1 if I select the "# of sites" to be for example 10, I want the sheet to automatically create 10 rows with the "data validation lists already populated in them and with grid lines and the sites numbered in ascending order from 1 to 10.

    If I select the "SD-WAN Service Type" under column M3 to be "SD-WAN OTT or SD-WAN BYON" I want to create a column that that is labeled "Hub Site" currently column O2. otherwise I do not want this to appear.

    Also would like for each of lists to be visible if possible so they know they have a drop down list to select from without having to select the field for it to appear.

    1. I need help creating a VBA Macro that will create the number of rows associated with a number selected from a list by clicking a button AND automatically embed each cells data validation list

    2. I need to create a VBA that will add a column into the sheet that will automatically add the data validation list to the number of rows create from the above VBA based on the value of a cell that has a list so if they select one of the 3 values it will automatically insert the column.

    Also once the number of rows is created from item one above I want it to automatically create grid lines AND number the sites on the side under column header in A3 (so 1,2,3, etc.. respectively.

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    word sheet attached.