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    That's ok - I put in the most important bookmarks for the name, addresses and table 1 (others can be ignored - I could comment out).

    The drop-down is the listing of all the hospitals (I only put 3 in the dummy list).

    The way the code works currently is that you manually choose one hospital from the drop-down, run the macro, and populate/save one report for that hospital.

    What would be good is if a mechanism could iterate through the columnar list of the hospitals to create each report in Word, save it, then move on to the next hospital until the max hospital is reached.

    Sorry if that was unclear - this last point is the sticking point that I'm trying to accomplish; please let me know any other questions!

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    Thank you in advance for any advice that may be offered!

    Am working to assist a colleague with VBA;

    Currently, the code works great to create a Word document (report) with an entity's relevant information with respect to data taken from selected cells and tables set up in Excel based upon validation drop-down box (Sheet "Table", column "B2").

    The functionality that is lacking that we'd like to add is to have the drop-down box go to the next non-null value in a loop until all of the Word documents get created; for now, we manually advance to the next non-null value.

    I have commented out what I have tried in terms of setting up a loop thus far; the loop goes through the drop-down box but does not generate each entities Word document.

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    'The purpose of the routine is to create a new Word document (report) for each entity

    'The performance results and payment are pasted into the Word document and saved with a stamp of the entity name and generation date

    'Currently, the drop down box must be manually clicked from sheet "Table" column "B2" to go to the next entity