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    Hello everyone!

    I am just new here in the forum. Thank in advance for any help! Bare with me as I am fairly new to programming.

    So I have a UserForm1 that contains the following:

    • Checkbox

    • Combobox

    • TextBox

    What I want to do:

    First of all, I want the choices from the boxes (check and combo) to be shown in TextBox1 when checked/selected.

    Second, I want to format the text's that is shown.

    For instance, I have a combobox showing 3 options: Name, Country, Address (sample only) If I choose "Name", I want to show a 2-liner text instead of the word "Name".

    Also, I want the text to appear on TextBox1 as a lists with bullets.

    This is only for some options; for others, I only want the same texts in the boxes to be shown in TextBox1.

    Thank you!