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    Okay, I think I fooled myself with my own question. LOL.

    I'll rephrase.

    So, this has a workbook_open event. When the workbook opens, it minimize Excel and the userform comes up.

    What if I don't want this to happen on workbook_open? Instead, I want the same behavior to happen if only I open a UserForm through a commandbutton.

    So, the workbook opens like a normal workbook and will display a command button. When I click on that command button to call UserForm1, Excel minimize and I only have the UserForm in the taskbar.

    Another scenario that came to mind is:

    What if I want both excel and userform visible in the taskbar. But, when I open the Userform, Excel automatically minimize and I only have the userform open. Then again, both of them are still present in the taskbar.

    Sorry. I am just expanding my options here. Hahaha.

    Thank you!


    So I have found this sample workbook in Google and what it does is put your active userform in taskbar when minimized. it also allows me to give it an icon.

    I want to incorporate these codes into my own workbook, however, I notice something off on its behavior which I want to resolve 1st.

    When using the "minimize" button on the userform, it brings the Userform to the taskbar.

    When I use the minimize button of Excel itself, the userform in the taskbar is removed/disappear.

    Is there any way I can prevent this from happening?

    I tried the below code to minimize Excel but it still remove the userform on the taskbar.

    Thank you!

    1. Application.WindowState = xlMinimized


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    Yeah, sure. Though, I will only make up something, aight? Hahahaha

    So, I added column E as the default signature and F as the customize signature.

    On the textbox, they should be displayed after the column D value.

    Also, while we are at it, and since we are using command button to generate the response, is there anyway we can add a MessageBox if the textboxes dedicated to Sender and Receiver are blank? Like a warning and would say, "Please enter name under Sender/Receiver" (depending on whichever is blank).

    In the real worksheet, we use customize signatures depending on a language and/or country we are sending that email to. As there are countries that has standard for signatures, we have to customize them. That checkbox will be use for that.

    Basically, I will add another column for a default signature and another column for a customize signature.

    For instance, we are sending email in the UK. Instead of the default signature, we have to change it to the customize signature as it is that standard on that country. Though, the content of the email is the same which is the "English" row.

    Okay, I see you.

    That is one way of doing it. This is noted.

    One thing though, I am not seeing the checkbox I added on the 2nd sample I attached here.

    As I said, for example on "English", when that checkbox value is true then I want D7 on the generated response instead of C7.

    Is that possible?

    That is actually correct royUK . As usual, I can't show here the exact file and its still in the works.

    The "big one" will be place between columns B and C once we have that sorted out.

    The sample I have here basically contains the greetings and closing only. I thought that would be enough to generate a code and we can just add that big one later on.

    I changed the sample workbook. Sorry, I have to add a CheckBox.

    Basically, what the checkbox1 would do is change the displayed value on the textbox. So, instead of displaying D7/D8 I would display E7 or E8.

    I kinda did a code of my own on the initial request. I just dont know how I can incorporate the checkbox.

    Another dilemma I have is when I generate the response first without any value on TextBox2 and Textbox3 and enter a value on the textbox2 and textbox3 the initially generated response does not update automatically.

    Thanks again!

    Hello All,

    I have a UserForm to generate personalized email responses. The email response on the Textbox1 will depend on the ComboBox1 value.

    For instance, I have 2 languages in combo box. I have the responses on Sheet1 - Row 7 and Row 8.

    Also I have textboxes that would contain names of Sender and Receiver. They will be part of the email responses.

    Receiver will be combined with the column B7/B8 value and sender will be D7/D8 value.

    Please show me how can I achieve this.

    Thank you!

    Hello All,

    Back here again with another query.

    So, I have the following codes (which I got from Google) to make my UserForm "stay-on-top" which is working perfectly. My concern now is how do I make work using a toggle button. Unfortunately, there are scenarios wherein I need to turn off that stay-on-top feature so i wouldn't miss anything. And, I want to do that via Toggle or Checkbox button - whichever is more practical.

    Also, the below codes minimize Excel once the UserForm opened. Now, another problem is, when I minimize that UserForm and I want to maximize it back, Excel goes with it. Basically, I cannot minimize Excel manually without minimizing the UserForm with it. When I do, the UserForm gets minimized too. I hope that make sense. lol

    Thanks guys!

    Here are my codes for my module:

    Here are my codes on the UserForm.

    I re-attached the same workbook you made yesterday.

    Also, since I need older years, I added the years covered on the date.

    Would be nice if the user can also type the years instead of just choosing it. It would be very handy for older years.

    Edit: this is a sample workbook and not the actual, of course. If you could just point out the change on the code you are going to make so I can change it on the actual workbook.

    Okay, I made it work. I am just working on calculating the days and years from my previous question. Also royUK , on the calendar, can't the user type the year for instance? I tried doing it, but as soon as I typed one number, i can't type another number and need to click on the box again to continue typing. So, its basically, 1 number per type then click on the box, then type again till I complete the 4 digits on the year.