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    Thank you all for the time to check my request.

    Thanks to Dante Amor the following code works as desired.

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    Hello all,

    I need some help, i went through several threads and didnt find a solution.

    I need to copy between sheets to the respective collumn based on month header.

    I have a file as example composed of 3 sheets

    Sheet 1 "Month selection" - were user will pick the month he is working on

    Sheet 2 "a) PL+BS+RE" - P&L statement were numbers will be finalized on collumn O

    Sheet 3 - "A) P&L+BS" - Archive sheet were i want to paste collumn O to the correct month collumn

    O2 cell will have the month name.

    But i cant get the code to copy over the collumn to the correct month.

    Example file: Sample file
    Any help would be much appreciated.