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    this function it brings all together but i wanted something like this

    Text join will join all the cell values together like

    [8th June, 9th June, 10th June, 11th June, 12 June, 13th June , , , 16th June, 17th june, 18th June, , , , 21st June, 22nd June, 23rd June]

    but i wanted the result as

    8th June to 13th June 16th June to 18th June 21st June to 23rd June.

    as of now i am manually typing it, as i need to do this for a huge data

    Hey All

    Needs small help,

    i am looking for a solution i have data in row with multiple blanks then i need to get the data into 1 cell as

    also attached a sample xls file exanple.xlsx

    Please help me on this thanks

    8th June to 13th June, 15th June to 17th June, 19th June to 20th June & 22nd June