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    sometimes it is hard to find the right place to post it. ... Sorry for the double post. -
    I have an ongoing measurement experiments. Each month I have to create a new file Excel file, based on csv files coming from a statistic program. In General the imported csv file has a lot of columns (>120). The order is quite random, however the header names are always unique in the table, the problem is that I have headers like "local sampling site", "food commodity", "Model Nr", RGB Value" (with multiple spaces inside) is it possible to have a way to specify the order in which the columns are arranged?
    Directly inside a makro or as values in a design sheet? I found some vba codes which are doing the sorting, but not for more then 100 columns and the have a problem with the space. - This is the first work task.

    This are ongoing experiments, were I carry some comments for some experiments always over. From the excel file of the previous month I entered manually some comments of observations ("Kommentar"), I need this I would like to transfer to the new file. Second task


    1. On the General sheet I have a button, from where I want to call the makro via button ("Import Comments").
    2. This macro should open the file explorer, where I can select an other excel file. (e.g. Example_202003)
      Booth files have the same naming for the worksheets and tables.-
    3. On the sheet "data" in the Table CRM the Sample ID value is looked up and the cell "Kommentar" is copied from Example_202003 to Example_20204



    I created a Pivot Table and from this I created a Pie Chart. I was wondering, to better visualization of the results.

    How can I add the Values used in the Pie Chart directly in the legend?

    I searched for chart templates or to add it some how by vba, but nothing found.

    Any ideas?

    How it is currently looking:

    How it should look:

    Hi OzGrid Devs,

    $2.5 paid to OZ pp. $25

    I have an excel file with two spreadsheets.

    1. General

    2. Data (a set of values)

    The data comes in various format and the order and number of columns changes frequently, however all column headers are unique.

    I want to specify on the General sheet the header name after which the table has to be filtered.

    Instructions below.

    - Deliverable will be an excel file with macro included, with comments.

    - Field or Element to type in the Value of the column header to filter on.

    - Button Analyze DATA linked with macro

    - When button ("Analyse DATA") is pressed

    -The column with the name (specified in Field above) is searched

    - For each each unique value of this column a new worksheet with that name is created

    -The filtered data for each unique name is copied to there.

    - New Macro subroutine

    -Each table on the new worksheets are transferred into an dynamical table.

    - New Macro subroutine

    -The autofilter is removed from the Data worksheet.

    -From the DATA worksheet a new Pivot Table as a new Worksheet name PI_DATA is created.

    Button "Create Pivot Table" linked with macro

    - When button ("Create Pivot Table ") is pressed

    For all Tables created above as well Pivot Tables are created with the Prefix name PI_

    Once a developer is confident they can help me achieve this goal, I can share the two example files (from where to start and how the results should look like).-

    I already inserted some macros e.g. for file import.