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    Let's I have changed the way I have structured the e-mail content and before adding the snip I added some extra lines that insert a range from Activesheet.

    1. Range("J5:U9").Copy
    2. contentR.Application.Selection.Start = Len(.Body)
    3. contentR.Application.Selection.Paste

    Problem is that for some e-mails I get error 1004 - Copy method of picture class failed highlighting the copy codeline and if I click debug and press F5 the macro resumes from where it broke - with job complete. For a few e-mails is ok to press debug and F5 but for more than 100 is not funny.

    I have tried with an On error resume next but for the e-mails where the error would occur I get them incomplete (no range and no image inserted).

    Any ideea on how to bypass it ?

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a macro-code that attaches a picture in the e-mail body from the excel Activesheet. My problems are:

    1. Is there a possibility to place the image above "Thank you" line ?
    2. If I want to insert a second picture how can I modify the code so that the Picture2 will be placed bellow Picture1 (currently it's placing in the right of Picture1)

    Any ideas ?

    How about

    It does work, however instead of counting 30 starting Col. D it counts starting col.A


    I have a macro that consolidates all filenames that start with "BDRIDGE" and have a "DATAx" from all containing subfolders. The path of the subolders being added in the 1st sheet of the macro file.

    My problem is that the macro does not retrieve anything as it only runs and creates a blank new sheet without data.

    Any help please ? ( zip archive attached also)


    I created vlookup + iferror code but I am getting the error 1004 and I am stuck.

    The principle is to do a vlookup in sheet("ana").Range("AG2:AG) (being Cells(i,30)) from other sheet Range(D:D )

    Can you please help ?