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    What do you mean how compatible is the language is? That question makes no sense to me because how compatible to what exactly? Are you asking how compatible is it to the newer VBA, well your version haves many older formulas so you can probably code what you have and it will still work with the new versions of Excel because they have all the old formulas and VBA in it plus new stuff. When you get your new computer or version of Excel it should work just fine with it. You need to google Mac Comparisons to Windows comparison. I have Office 365 and heard that the Mac version might be missing a couple of new formulas.

    Basically I am making my excel spreadsheet refresh because I have some stock market quotes on it. I can press the start button to start a timer numerous times and it does not have an error. My stop button however, seems to have a problem if I pressed it more than once. I try to write some code that says if pressed don't allow it to be pressed but I forgot how. I have been working more in the formulas not so much vba section of excel :) thank you

    You should be able to open it in an excel file if it is a csv. The file itself should be separated by delimiters such as a space or , or special character like the :. what exactly do you mean that the source has not changed? you might not need VBA at all you might be able to do that with formulas. You can be able to pull in the information and if it changes be able to see it change in a cell with a formula but i don't understand it all I am just brainstorming that is all.

    So i found the code below online. I mingled with it a little bit but when I clicked the stop button twice I had to debug it. I figured I can do an if statement that said if this is running do this, however, I don't remember how to do it. I tried something like

    1. Sub stopAuto()
    2. If Application.OnTime(nexttime, "AutoRefresh") Then
    3. Application.OnTime nexttime, "AutoRefresh", , False
    4. Else
    5. Exit Sub
    6. End If
    7. End Sub

    but that gave me compiler errors I am confusing this with something else. I am just trying to figure out is there a way to say if start button is active stop it or else exit sub