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    Good day

    i want when u type in a number and the number will always have 25364 (five numbers) the letters BD must appear before the numbers.

    so when u type in 25364 in the cell it must show as BD25364

    the cell range is on a specific worksheet and its from Column S6 to S28

    is this possible even to use vba code in a module?

    Thanks for replying Roy. I took out sensitive information from the word document and it does not work well in excel.

    i just thought a VBA macro auto open event could trigger "steenkampc" to the windows logon name that was signed in.

    i thought it was possible because the power of excel vba is awesome

    Good day

    i have an excel vba macro userform that when u enter information it will update the excel sheet and then transfer it to a word document that will open and print it automatically.

    everything works fine but i want the username to update on the word document and also in the vba code.

    we are linked to windows server which means that when u want to log in, u press ctrl+alt+del and then type in your username and password.

    i found this piece of code on the internet

    1. Function GetUserName() As String
    2. GetUserName = Environ$("username")
    3. End Function

    when u type in =GetUserName() in any cell on the spreadsheet and run the macro, i it updates the name like it should

    my question is where in the vba code in excel and word do i put it in so it can update that name automatically.

    then i dont have to change the name manually for other people on the network.

    the word file is saved under the Documents\Templates folder

    here is the code that prints to the word file

    here is the call to XPrint

    1. Private Sub cmd_Print_Click()
    2. Call XPrint
    3. cmd_close.SetFocus
    4. End Sub

    im attaching the file

    i want the user to sign in with his name starting with surname and initial like "steenkampc"

    i want the name in "Permit" sheet in cell D5 to reflect as C. Steenkamp because it uses a vlookup function in "List sheet" to return values in H5

    under sheet named "Permit"

    for example. you type in your employee code 123 and it must show Roy in cell A1 in Sheet1

    maybe an IF function will work

    if cell C2 equals steenkampc then cell D5 must be C. Steenkamp

    Good day.

    Please help with this vlookup function.

    i have three sheets and a userform.

    if you type in steenkampc on the userform, it must show C. Steenkamp taken from (sheet "List", Cell A3) in sheet "Permit"

    Cell D5


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    Good morning. We have a program at work where u scan the barcode on the document then it will transfer certain information from the certificate into textboxes on the program.

    I do not know in which language the program used is written but I was thinking of doing the same thing. I googled for more information but maybe the terms I am using is not correct.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction where I can do more reading?

    good morning from Namibia

    I am uploading a userform where i removed most of the textboxes and code

    as u type in the numbers, it automatically calculates the into textbox1. i want the same result to SHOW in textbox34.

    also i am using a code i found on the internet where it captures a screenshot and prints. it is possbile for the windows taskbar not to show and make the size a little bit bigger?


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    Hi to all

    i want to adjust it with my sheet so please help with the following

    Normally when we create a userform one uses a listbox to select something e.g a name.

    when the name is selected, it transfers it to a sheet. i now want when u login using a password login form that name should appear on a sheet in the excel workbook.

    i am uploading such a form

    i want if a name is selected e.g Jan1, the name Jan1 must also appear on sheet3 cell D5 for example.

    the reason for this is there will be a userform so i dont want users to choose someone elses name when they open it.

    everyone will be able to change their passwords at the beginning and when you print out your sheet at the end of the day, your name must appear there.

    kind regards

    Good morning

    Please help me. i am attaching a file. when u open the excel file and click on login it asks for a username and password. u can use mine just check on the admin sheet.

    i want when its correct to open sheet1.

    can u provide me with the vba code please.

    thanks in advance

    Good day, hope u can help me.

    i have a cashup sheet with textboxes (the one on the left and the middle)

    when i type in amounts they automatically calculate at the bottom at total amount and total eft.

    however. when i click on the red no entry sign the amount is cleared but the total is not affected.

    i want when i type in 10 and it shows 10.00 at the bottom and clear it, the 10.00 should go away.

    i am uploading the file for you


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