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    :thumbup:It worked great! Thank you so much for your help and effort on my question. It really helps a lot in my daily tasks and saves me lots of time which I can better spend on something else or simply just enjoy life a little bit more:)

    Oh, I think it's because in my actual file, the value started from A2, but the test file started from A3...(normall my actual file will start from A2) Thanks for your help, your macro saved at least 30 mins of work today


    I just want to set up a macro which repeated to test cells in column A and insert rows based on the cell value (6, insert 1rows, 9,insert 2rows), perfectly if it can also copy the detail from the first row and fill it up into the new inserted rows. [attach=1226781]



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    Please kindly help with my question. It's really appreciated!

    What I want is

    based on the value in a cell insert rows underneath.

    only if a cell shows 6, then insert one row underneath

    only if a cell shows 9, then insert two rows underneath

    only if a cell shows 12 then insert three rows underneath

    only if a cell shows 15 then insert four rows underneath

    only if a cell shows 18 then insert five rows underneath

    if the cell shows other number don't insert

    Thanks for anyone can help!