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    I have this simple code that needs to change a string color so that half is red and half is blue. When i break the string up it shows the color fine but when i put them back together the color reverts to black. Is there a simple way of keeping the color on the halves?


    This is coming from another beginner so take with grain of salt.

    This code is meant to download attachments to Outlook messages that are unread , then to mark them as read ( they are faxed to me and i process them in outlook currently, hoping to have them be more easily accessible in the folder creditNDfax and eventually see about using an OCR to rename them but for now this is a big step). It handles the task but it then only does a few messages at a time and requires me to re-run the macro until all the attachments have been cleared and marked read.

    Any help on this would be huge.