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    Hello everybody.

    I have an specific date and another "range of dates" where I'm trying to find data and put it in the other sheet.

    I used VLOOKUP but didn't work.

    I'll share an example and how would see the data.

    Thank you for help. :(


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    Because I'm reading a lot of bills, then I paste them and finally check how many bills client have. I didn't think something about formula, I just think, well I'm making with VBA, it'll work if I continues with VBA.

    This is my 1st code.

    If in "Client's List" doesn't exist the name, it doesn't matter, put then "I need the ID", I don't know if that a correct question.

    Hello everybody. I'm newbie on the hood. :D

    I have a Clients list and Client's ID list.

    Then, I have another list who'll insert client's bill and client's name and finally check my client's ID and insert in another sheet, but if i don't have client's name or client's ID, insert into that cell "I need the ID".

    I'll share it. It's an example.