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    Here's the dilemma: I have thousands of 'old template' files that need to be updated to 'new template' files.

    Every 'old template' and 'new template' file is already existing (with no name consistency).

    The attached were just renamed for simplicity for this question.

    I am attempting to copy/paste values from one open workbook to another.

    Neither of the workbooks will have static names, so there will be no name consistency.

    Both of my workbooks will be open and will be the only open files.

    My sample files only have one sheet, but the actual files will have multiple corresponding sheets.

    I'd just like to be on matching worksheets in each workbook, and have the macro copy the information from one workbook to the other.

    I would then switch to the next set of matching worksheets and run it again.

    I cannot have the macro run on all the sheets, as only some sheets in each file will need to be updated to the new template.

    Any help would be appreciated on getting the following code to work.

    Sample files attached.