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    Thanks Carim

    Thats as far as i got but i need this to spill as the range grows. So the formulas only live in cells O6 & O7

    Cells O3 O4 O5 contain the formula which automatically spill when data (new months) is added so when my target list (table1) grows and my sales grow (table2) the results will automatic expand.

    Hi All, This is my 1st thread so please bear with me...

    I am stuck with trying to calculate YTD using a spilled array formula

    Cell B1 is a spilled formula from available months that have data in another sheet

    Cells B2 & B3 are also spilled using using =sumifs & =countifs

    What i need to do is have a formula that will add the YTD totals dynamically ie now it will add up jan to may. When June is added dynamically i want the formula to spill and add those figures in the relevant cell.

    i would be really grateful for some advise on how to do this! :/

    YTD Target
    YTD Actual