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    mdenino: I tried your suggestion but couldn't make it work. I probably misunderstood what you meant.

    So I've constructed two small example files to illustrate my problem.

    NumbersHyperfile.xlsx shows a worksheet that's up-to-date.

    Clicking the 'Select' link (D27) selects all the data from C1 through AC24.

    In NumbersHyperfile-2.xlsx I now want to add new data, so I've inserted a column, E.

    But the 'Select' link no longer works- it doesn't include column AD.

    What am I doing wrong?

    PS: Columns C and D are 'operators', used to order (via A-Z or Z-A) all the other columns after 'Select' is activated.

    I should have left them out, ignore or delete them if you like. They don't affect the matter at hand.

    Ooops: Attached the files twice :-(

    mdenino: Sorry, didn't see your answer until now.

    My data currently occupies columns C to BE and 40 rows from 5 to 44.

    I periodically add new data* to column F (not D, as I'd said earlier), so next time I do this, the last column at far right that contains data will become BF. After another data input to column F the last column will become BG. And so on.

    So the hyperlink would need to be constantly modified to read 'C5:BF', then 'C5:BG', etc, etc.

    I created the hyperlink in empty cell C51, by right-clicking it and selecting 'Hyperlink', then following the usual instructions.

    Now, clicking the link selects all the data from C5 to BE44 and I can change the data order as I wish with the A-Z modifiers in columns D and E.

    *By 'adding a column of data', I meant that I will add data to between 5-8 cells in column F, leaving the other cells empty.

    I needed to select all cells on Sheet1 between C5 and BE44, so I created a 'C5:BE44' hyperlink.

    But when I added a column of data to D4, the hyperlink became invalid unless altered to read 'C5:BE45'.

    BE44 is actually empty. Could I put a name in that cell, like WOW, and have the hyperlink go there regardless of its location in the page?

    I tried 'C5:WOW' but it says 'invalid reference'.

    Thanks for reading :-)