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    Re: Summing Adding Many Time Cells

    You are right, I just calculated it the second time and got a match... I know what I did wrong, now I need to check the other spreadsheet at work tommorrow to make sure I'm not making the same mistake there


    Re: Summing Adding Many Time Cells


    I have been messing around with my sample sheet, and instead of having all the totals as 5 hours: I changed it to the following... Hope this makes sense, but this is what I have on Excel:…4-adbb-94d6f45c1c99/Book1

    One of the cells has this code.


    This gives me a total of "36:25", but when I calculate it manually, I get "35.45"... So again, I keep getting a total slightly lower than the formula when I calculate it manually.

    Re: Summing Adding Many Time Cells

    That could get me into trouble with my job, so no, hehe!

    I tried making a basic sample at home but the code seemed to work fine and return the correct amount... albeit the spreadsheet at work has more data and more differentials in the inputs. But as far as I can tell, the sample reflects the same procedures and formats in the spreadsheet I use at work.

    Re: Summing Adding Many Time Cells

    That code seems to work to some degree... but on the spreadsheet I'm using at work, with the following code, it gives me a result of 44 something hours and when I calculated it manually, it was more like 41 something hours. It always seems to add a little on to the result.

    The code I've used is the one like this: =Sum(C1:C6,G1:G6)

    Any idea what could be causing it?

    I have a spreadsheet with many rows of time totals as the following example

    Cell 1 - 08:00 AM Cell 2 - 1:00 PM Cell 3 - 5:00

    Cell 3 is just the total, and I have no problem with this aspect... However I have two columns of the above format side by side... and the only way I can sum Cell 3 on both columns is something like the following:


    This can end up in a large formula, and I was just wondering if there was a more efficent way? I tried the following but get a #value! error.


    I have two columns in Sheet1 which are temporary input fields, which will be cleared after I click a 'store' button... I know the code to clear the fields, but I don't know the code to transfer a total from one sheet to another whilst adding on to the value that is already on sheet2.

    Lets say the fields say (A1) - 100 and (B1) - 25.

    When I click 'store' I want to add those two field values to the historical total in Sheet 2 (a1 & b1).

    Could someone tell me the formula to do so?

    Could anyone please give me the code for a button that when clicked, will add to a specific cell.

    i.e. I click button and it adds 3 to "B2" changing it from 0 to 3. Clicking the button again will change the value of the cell to 6.