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    Hello all,

    I'm trying to apply conditional formatting across this entire sheet to highlight three consecutive cells above 4.5.

    I thought I had it with = and(e3>4.5,f3>4.5,g3>4.5)

    it doesn't work. I've tried a couple of different formulas and it always highlights pieces rather than the three or more in a row that are above the 4.5 constant

    help please! I'm sure someone here can get it.. I sure couldn't..

    Hope you have solved your problem ...

    Feel free to share your comments ...

    YOU my friend.. have solved my problem.
    I haven’t used the CSE formulas. I have the sheet fixed and sent for trial.
    i have been evaluating the formula to see what it does step by step, writing it out. It sticks with me better that way. The last argument though kinda has me. The ROW argument.

    again, thank you so much

    Thank you for looking and doing this. I really appreciate it.
    I will work with it later and look at the formulas.

    yes, it was my mistake about column K. I was originally working with that column and the respective sheet.
    Again, thank you for figuring it out..

    i did did come up with another question last night I was going to add to my post, you were faster than I was...
    I hope you will consider it a moment...

    For example, lets say I have my list compiled in the applicants sheet(200 rows) and six months later someone in row 23 decides to change apartment style from 1 bedroom to efficiency.

    Will they be inserted in their respective position on the Efficiency apartment sheet, and removed from the 1 bedroom sheet, or will they go to the bottom of the efficiency sheet and I will have a blank space on the 1 bedroom sheet? That will be my second or third test...

    i have lurked and read for about a year here until I finally registered yesterday to ask. Most of the time I can learn without downloading the files from the great knowledge base here.

    Again, thank you.

    I'm not a VBA code writer at all (trying to learn) but I feel like I need VBA to do what I need.

    I have an "Applicants" sheet where all my information is kept.
    In columns G:T there is a cell to type "Yes" in, if that applicant wants that type of Apartment.
    I have other sheets dedicated to the apartment types so I can print them out for whatever reason.

    "Efficiency" is next tab. I want to populate the next available rows in columns B:F from corresponding cells from the "Applicants" sheet, keeping them in a definite order. based on the "YES" entries.

    I have a basic formula on the "efficiency" page, and I could enter everything with that, go to special and delete the blanks in my "Efficiency" page once all my entries are put in, but I was trying to see if there was another way..
    File attached...