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    I wanted to achieve this flow through a Macro. This is one of the step for my other flow. The list of headers in Sheet2 can be short or can grow and Macro is supposed to find the header in Sheet1 and if it is not listed, it is supposed to skip and go to the next row. Not sure if I've explained well...Please let me know more details are required

    Hi Team, I just joined the forum today and looking for help.

    To give you a background -
    Sheet 1 - Has the Basedata having multiple column in Row 1 with different headers - around 60 columns
    Sheet 2 - in Column A, I've pasted the 15 headers matching in Sheet 1 - Headers are transposed in Row 2 to 16 (column A)
    Sheet 3 - Blank sheet
    I need a macro which will help me do the following:
    would check the headers in Sheet2, find those headers in Sheet1 copy the entire column and paste in Sheet3, these needs to be repeated for the 15 headers listed in Sheet2.
    Any expert advise would be greatly helpful. Thanks for support