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    Hi OzGrid Devs,

    I have an excel chart that I would like to be able to use Listboxes to select what inputs to filter results by. The AutoFilter function in excel doesn't have the functionality I'm looking for. Essentially, I would like up to 3 Listboxes with different parameters, with the ability to select multiple inputs in each. The filters must account for "includes" searches in cells, not just exact cell content matches.

    EXAMPLE: [INDENT]Listbox 1
    option A
    option B
    option C

    Listbox 2
    option X
    option Y
    option Z

    In this example, if I select option A, X, and Y, excel will return all lines that fit these filters.[/INDENT]

    Similar to [SIZE=22px]THIS POST[/SIZE]. This seems to address exactly what I'm looking for, but I am very new to VBA and need focused help to implement this coding into my worksheet.

    Once a developer is confident they can help me achieve this goal, I can share more details and the excel file. I will walk you through exactly which parameters and filters I am looking to achieve.

    - Nate