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    I have this parking lot worksheet that is being used to track available spaces in a number of parking lots. I have a code that locks the enter sheet until a date is enter. What I need to happen is after the date is enter I need that 1 merged cell to be lock so no one can change the date. even if they go to a previous date I am enclosing a copy of the worksheet.Space Counts.xlsm I am also enclosing the code that lock the sheet until the date is entered. ("M10") is were the date goes.

    Once Again Sorry for the delay Response, But The Math portion is just part of the forms subtracting what the end user puts into the Textbox. The Computer generates a number based on the capacity of the Lot. What ever The End User Puts in the Textbox is subtracted from what the Computer is is showing at the time of the count.

    I am sorry for the delay, That is what is being used right now but the end-users for whatever reason find it hard to use that form require the current date to be input so that the form unlocks If There is a way to lock the date cell or cells after input might help. another problem with that excel base form is when looking up a previous date it is asking for the date to re-enter i am enclosing a copy of the sheet so u can see what I am talking about, Space Counts.xlsm

    I am Creating a Form to Track The Number Of Spaces in a Parking Lot. The End User would input whats ever was counted in the way of space then input that information in a TextBox. I have written the following code to handle the math portion of the program, the only problem is that I would have to write this code 265 times. the question is can this be done as a range of textboxes.

    I need help opening this Folder "C:\SBD\" without the code below popping up. This is a program i wrote to keep track of a parking lot vehicle spaces. When a New Form is opened it requires the user to input the date and when saved it saves by the date enter by the user (SBD.) The problem is that when the file is re-opened it is asking for the date again. The folder where the below code is at is C:\Spaces\Space Counts.xlsm. the only time the date should be enter is when the New Form is opened

    I wrote a excel program to track a parking lots vehicle inventory every hour the program requires that the current date be inputted. The counts starts at midnight and ends at midnight the next day. The program then is Saved By Date "C:\SBD" folder. The problem is that when the folder that contains the data the SBD folder is selected for viewing or printing for whatever reason the date has to be enter again. The macro that contains the code is in this folder "C:\ Spaces". Apparently when the file is saved to the SBD folder the macro that has the codes for inputting the date is also being saved. My question is. Can the program be saved without the codes carrying over to the SBD folder?. Any help would be appreciate it Thank You.:)

    Can I get this code to start in a specific cell when opening a new sheet .

    I can not figure out why this code is not working i is there something wrong with the way the code is written? I am trying to save by dates instead of names SBD = Save By Date. the code looks right compiles ok but when I run it won't work the problem is where I underline it, K6 is the cell where the data is stored.

    1. Sub Button2_Click()
    2. Dim Path As String
    3. Dim SBD As String
    4. Path = "F:\SBD\"
    5. SBD = "SBD"
    6. SBD = Range("K6").Text
    7. Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    8. ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Path & SBD & Format(Now(), “DDDD / MMM / D / YYYY”) & “.xlsm
    9. Application.DisplayAlerts = True
    10. End Sub
    1. Sub Button2_Click()
    2. Dim Path As String
    3. Dim Filename1 As String
    4. Path = "i:\Saved By Dates\"
    5. Filename1 = Range("k6").Text
    6. Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    7. ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Path & Filename1 & ".xlsx", FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook
    8. Application.DisplayAlerts = True
    9. End Sub