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    Dear team,

    I am converting pdf to all my details which is entered on data sheet. For this i am copy past the values to other sheet and printing required format.

    When i am converting to pdf if the datas are going more than one page for the particular sheet i want to add border (xlMedium) to all the page last row. I am using the following code for that

    when i am using this code, it is updating the boder of the end row of the readings. But i want to update the border for all the pages last row.

    Also i am doing page break using the following code

    Can any one help me how to do this.

    I am attaching my excel sheet and sample pdf copy for your reference.

    Note: The password for convert pdf is "Bmanager"

    Dear Team,

    I am having three text box on my userform. Textbox 1, Textbox 2, Textbox 3.

    Formula code is

    1. Private Sub TextBox1_Change()
    2. TextBox3.Value = 250 - (TextBox1.Value - TextBox2.Value)
    3. End Sub
    4. Private Sub TextBox2_Change()
    5. TextBox3.Value = 250 - (TextBox1.Value - TextBox2.Value)
    6. End Sub

    But when i am using this code i am getting error message because the another textbox is empty.

    Example, If i type any value in Textbox1 i am getting error message, because Textbox2 is empty.

    If I type any value in Textbox2 I am getting error message, because Textbox1 is empty.

    So i changed the code to

    This code was working when both the Textbox is not blank without any error message.

    But i want this should calculate even if any textbox is blank also.

    Example, Textbox2 is blank. I am typing Textbox1. Then the value to be update on Textbox3.

    Can any one please help how to do this

    Dear team,

    I want to display only userform and hide my workbook while opening it.

    I used the following code

    1. Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    2. UserForm1.Show vbModeless
    3. End Sub
    4. Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    5. Application.Visible = False
    6. End Sub

    It is working. But the problem is while opening this project workbook all my other workbook also hidden automatically.

    So i want to hide my project workbook only.

    Can any one please help me how to hide only my project workbook and other workbooks are in open.

    yes you are correct. Sorry, it is my typing mistake. It is Frame 11.

    But still the problem remains same

    I think you mean Frame11. Theproblem is that the TextBoxes are in a Frame. Try this

    1. Private Sub TextBox22_Enter()
    2. ' If Not bInit Then Exit Sub
    3. g_bForm = ActiveControl.ActiveControl.Name = "TextBox22"
    4. frmCalendar.Show_Cal
    5. Me.TextBox22.Value = g_sDate
    6. End Sub

    This is the same workbook which is attached on my first post.

    Once userform initialized at first time when I selecting any of the textbox inside Form11, the calendar is opening.

    I am having one more query. In mu userform1 Form11 (Last update) having 3 text box (22, 23, 24). In Textbox 22 using the following code for open calendar and select date.

    1. Private Sub TextBox22_Enter()
    2. ' If Not bInit Then Exit Sub
    3. g_bForm = True
    4. frmCalendar.Show_Cal
    5. Me.TextBox22.Value = g_sDate
    6. End Sub

    My problem is the calendar is opening even if is select Textbox 23 & 24 also.

    can you please check and correct me where I am doing mistake

    Dear Roy,

    I checked your file. On you file you are hiding userform1 and activate Userform2. Then you are hiding userform2 and activating userform1.

    But my case the userform1 should always visible. Userform2 only visible and hide

    Dear Team,

    I am having two userform (Userform1 & userform2) on my workbook.

    In userform1 is having data entry type and Userform2 is for password entry for unhide all sheets..

    My problem is when I press Cancel button from Userform2, the Userform1 also closing.

    1. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    2. Me.Hide
    3. End Sub
    4. Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
    5. Me.Hide
    6. End Sub

    I want Userform1 should always visible until I press exit button

    Can any one please help me to solve this issue. I attached my file here for your reference

    Dear Team,

    I had created code for send reminder mail automatically to customers.

    I will update the machine hours details on column "S" and as per the value entered in Column "S" the calculations happen on Column "E: K".

    And I have conditions. Based on my conditions the mail will trigger automatically the particular customer in which row I am entering the values.

    The mails are working properly as per my conditions.

    the code is in Module 2 for triggering mail.

    And I am having UserForm for add, update, delete customers.

    In this Add and update customer is working properly. But when I am deleting any customer through Userform, the mail is triggering automatically and for some of the customers, I am getting an error message.

    The mail should not trigger if I delete the customer. I don't know where is the mistake in this code.

    I uploaded my file here for your reference. Can anyone please check this and correct my mistake.

    Dear Dave,

    The bellow is my code

    how can i modify the code as per above said conditions