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    Hello everyone

    Please can anyone help me make this code work? I want the macro to pop up alert at specific times during the day. At the moment when I hit F5 it runs but on it's own it doesn't run at the set times. The module I used is 'This Workbook'. Any help to tweak this will be much appreciated. Thanks


    [SIZE=13px]I'm using the macro below to filter a column([/SIZE]"Client_Account"[SIZE=13px]) in a pivot. The data is massive and report access by several people so I want to embed controls in it. So basically what the macro does is not to show account numbers [/SIZE]4GHCOUE07 [SIZE=13px]and [/SIZE]4GHCOUE10[SIZE=13px]. I want to add a third filter(in red) which must not to show any account starting with [/SIZE]1[SIZE=13px]. I thought I could use a wildcard after 1 but it didn't work. The account numbers are alpha-numeric. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=13px]Secondly and kindly, how do I tweak the code if I want filter another column([/SIZE]"Client[SIZE=13px]") in the pivot where I don't want to show the string[/SIZE]


    [SIZE=13px]Many thanks in advance and appreciate accepting me to the forum.[/SIZE]