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    I have created a login form wherein i verify the credentials from db,now the matter of concern is that i want the name & unique id of each emp to be displayed on all the forms till the time users logs out from the app.entries screenshot of my db attached. I have some empty forms in my excel file.I need help to just display the name & emp id of user logged in on all those forms.

    Hey Mate, Now i made changed and i used Database(MS Access) and i am able to work on that issue. Now the concern i am left with is a Multi level(user/admin/creator) login form. Wherein we use ms access to store data.

    I need an option of add edit remove user in admin panel.

    if db says admin then frm admin should be displayed
    else frm user to be displayed

    Sharing the file i have created. Its a single level login. I need multi level Login



    Hey Friends,

    I need to code a user for to capture information from users and save the information. There after the admin panel can view edit and delete the data.

    I have created the code but the only concern I have is that the file can be used by one user at time. I need to make it such a way that multiple users can work at the same time on the same form.

    For example:- It might be possible that m\10 or more users are submitting info at a same time. Similarly it is possible that 2 or 3 admin are editing the info at the same time.

    How this can be done..

    (file attached )



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    Hey Carim,

    Now i have a concern. Now this concept appears good to implement in my business. But what if multiple users have to access the same file, say 20 ppl of my team all together get to make entries. How can we handle that, because the excel wont allow multiple access to one file. Can we link everything to DB or what we can do..


    Hey Mate,

    With the same workbook is it possible to keep data in other file namely sheet :- Login & New Requests in another file so that multiple users can work on the same code at a same time.


    Hey Mate,

    Sorry for the late response, but was a busy with office work,

    Thanks a lot this worked very well but i need one more help. Will share the file again the new file for the new help.


    Hey Carim,

    Really appreciate your help. It doesnt seem to work.

    PFA the file.

    Logon Credentials :-

    User Name :- Sarvesh
    Password :- 700003177

    After login it will directly take you to the list box form. I just need the format of time values and column headers.

    Thanks a ton in advance. Waiting for the response.


    Hello Mate,

    i need top format list fox columns as time. I have populated data from my excel sheet but cant format as time format.

    this is the code i have used.

    Private Sub UserForm_initialize()
    With Sheets("New Requests")
    lstMyData.List = .Cells(3, 3).CurrentRegion.Value

    Me.Control9.Value = "Welcome to Sched Management " & CStr(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Login").Range("O8").Value)

    End With
    End Sub

    Now i want to format 3 columns as time value.

    Kindly Help