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    I am new to AHK, and discovered it's awesome capabilities, which I have not seen done by VBA.
    AHK is part of RPA, but is likely frowned upon by employers, while VBA as part of MS Office is perfectly acceptable.
    Looking for a way to find a loophole to make it work.

    Question: is there a way to "convert" AHK script into VBA and run it solely from Excel VBA, not in any way involving AHK at that point.

    Trying to save a .csv workbook into same directory with name appended by cell value and in different format.

    Getting Compile error in code below: Object required on "abc =" in "Set abc = ActiveWorkbook.Range("D3").Value" line

    1. Dim abc As String
    2. s = ActiveWorkbook.FullName
    3. Set abc = ActiveWorkbook.Range("D3").Value
    4. ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Left(s, Len(s) - 4) & " " & "BBB Payment - " & abc & ".xlsx", FileFormat:=51

    In C1 I have VBA populate active row number upon each selection change.
    In G2 I have formula below, while trying to have the row number in column H replaced with value of C1 (the H&C1 bit).
    H5 = Sum for column H (I have totals on top). H6 where data $$ starts.
    This is to have G2 show remaining sum from total based on active row number in H.


    How ludicrous is that.

    On Sheet1 of workbook containing the code:

    H2 has a path to source folder
    i2 has a path to destination folder
    H5 has a result of a =NOW() formula, pasted as Values (e.g. 5.13.19 9:27 - as in May 13th, 2019 and 27 minutes past 9 in the morning)

    Need code to look through files in H2 folder, and if Date Modified is on or after Date and Time in H5, then copy only those files to destination folder in i2

    *I'll probably need to use the Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library - In the VBA editor add a reference (Tools, Add Reference) and look for Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library and tick its box.

    I tested three different colors present simultaneously, covering both - area with data in cells and outside of data area. All rgbYellow converted to xlNone - just as desired.

    Thank you both!

    Total range in test was about A1:X40, hopefully will work just as well in greater ranges...

    Below code gives Msg box for every instance when condition is met in a range. Need it to give Msg box only once, even if multiple lines in range meet the condition

    Code below only opens the kind of hyperlinks that are manually put into cells by right clicking cell through Insert Hyperlink step. But I need code which will open the kind of hyperlinks which are result of a formula, e.g. =HYPERLINK(A1)