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    I have tried in several ways to simply copy text to the clipboard, but I can only make the content viewable within Excel itself. Notepad returns empty and Word returns two unrecognizable characters. What could be happening? Is there another alternative? (by API only found to clean)

    1. Dim Object_ As MSForms.DataObject
    2. Set Object_ = New DataObject
    3. Object_.SetText "Text", 1
    4. Object_.PutInClipboard
    5. Object_.GetFromClipboard
    6. Range("A1") = Object_.GetText(1) 'works perfectly, but only within Excel

    Thank you, Wilker.:thumbup:


    Do you know why he does this? After all, using the statistical formula Cn,p, the combination of 10 elements, 4 in 4, is exactly 210!

    Thank you!


    Repeat this code, please, because I repeated it on two computers and it gave the same error!

    The Combin function returns 210, but the For which should go up to this value, stops at 209 =O

    A1 = correct value, B1 = 209. Thanks.

    1. Sub Bug_()
    2.     Combin_ = WorksheetFunction.Combin(10, 4)
    3.     Range("A1") = Combin_
    4.     For Var_ = 1 To Combin_
    5.         Range("B1") = Var_
    6.     Next
    7. End Sub

    Fluff13, Did you pay attention to what I explained here in the last post?

    I found out the reason, I just didn't understand why. When the previous source is Arial or some others, if you switch to Arial Black via VBA it automatically activates the Bold property. Madness... 8|

    There is something in my spreadsheet that is generating the bold. If I use only the ActiveCell.Font.Name = "Arial Black", it includes bolding in the cells on its own. It's like I would also have ordered ActiveCell.Font.Bold = True


    Curiosity: you know why sometimes VBA puts some function of the user in lower case letter?

    I have spreadsheets that use the same functions. Then, in some of them, Excel puts it in lowercase letters when I use it in the range.
    Using in the module the name continues as I stated. Strange that does not always happen, nor with all spreadsheets...