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    The purpose of this spreadsheet is to serve as a schedule and completion log for preventative maintenance (PM) assignments. This work will be completed by 4 teams, working 12 hours shift 24/7. I need help with the PM Key tab. My goal is to have the list of PMs listed in the PM key page and have them populate the PM schedule based on start date, cycle in days, and day or night shift (in the PM schedule, the grey rows identify night shift). I have several PMs manually as examples.

    Also, the H cell next to each PM is meant to indicate how long it takes to perform each PM in hours. My goal is to calculate how many PM work hours were scheduled to each team and how many they completed by placing their initials next to the PM.

    Almost there, just two thing remain. Currently when double clicking CHPs on the upper electrical load chart, a chiller number gets selected on the flow chart. CHPs should not be part of the flow calculation and they are separate from the chillers, They should not be included in this code, they are just there for electrical load percentage from the initial code. The second thing, Currently, when double clicking one box on any chiller, the corresponding COND/FLOW shows up at the bottom, however when clicking additional boxes on the same chiller more COND/FLOW gets added with each box. Whether one or all boxes are double clicked on chiller 3 for example, COND/FLOW at the bottom should read 4000.

    Thank you for your help and patience!

    I wanted to see if I could clarify a little better.
    If Any box on a chiller is double clicked = chiller number below should go red and the corresponding Cond/Flow should be summed up at the bottom.
    If a CT (cooling tower) box is double clicked than the flow of that CT should be summed at the bottom under CT. Values are as follows CT5=7000, CT6=10000, CT7=10000, CT8=10000, CT9=12000
    For CWPs they are made up of two boxes because we can run them at half flow or full flow. Each box should add 10000 to the sum under CWPs

    CT = Cooling towers CWP = Pumps and Chillers are all independent. If a CT is red, than below there should be only a sum for that CT, it has no relation to a chiller or CWP. The same applies for CWPs and Chillers. I attached a screenshot, the green circle is correct the red should not be counted when double clicking on CT5.


    As I click though the different equipment the sum below is off. For example If I click on CT5, below I have 7000 for CT5 which is correct, however Chiller 11 gets selected below and it totalizes 10000 for CWP and 2000 for COND/FLOW. Each equipment above should totalize independently. Let me know if this makes sense.


    Need some more help on the same file. Currently when double clicking the boxes in the upper grid, they turn red and count electrical load percentage. If possible, when those boxes are selected, I need to have the total flow boxes at the bottom populated as follows. (CT 5=7000, 6=10000, 7=10000, 8=10000, 9=12000) (CWP each box equals 10000) (COND/FLOW are reflected in the chiller flow chart, if any box in that chiller is selected then it should count that flow, example chiller #16, if any box is red, 5800 should be counted in the Total COND/FLOW box. Also whenever any chiller box is selected in the electrical load balance chart the same chiller should have a red background in the chiller flows chart. Thanks!


    I am looking for help with the attached spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is a dashboard for operating plant equipment. Each side of the red line is a separate electrical feed. Each colored block below displays that equipment and each number is that equipment's designation. This will tally the percentage of total electrical load being used for each side. So I could double click any equipment box(not gray box) and this would tally that block as percentage of total capacity being used. To do this I would like to change the background color of each equipment box from its current color to red with a double click and then back again. Then I need to count color red on each equipment cell, and finally display a percentage of capacity being used (red) for each side. Also if my approach is wrong let me know.