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    Up until 2 days ago, I could open recordsets using the CursorType = adOpenDynamic. I made a few changes to my class and now I can no longer open it this way. They always open as adOpenStatic even when I specify adOpenDynamic in the open command. I went back thorough the changes and nothing stands out to cause this issue, but clearly something has changed.

    Anyone have any thoughts on where to look.

    Simply using

    rst.Open sqlString, Conn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic

    So I can open a dynamic record set using a Select * from myTable sql command. However, if I try and load the same thing using a Stored Procedure, it is static. Not sure why that is the case.

    Having a weird issue on this project. Never seen it before in Excel

    I have some automation that runs over night. The automation works fine at first but at some point at night, the recordset.Open calls are returning emtpy record sets even though they shouldn't be.

    I can take the exact same sql string and run it in SQL Management Studio and it returns a result.

    I debugged and the connection looks valid, but the recordset is definitely empty.

    To fix it, I just need to Terminate the project by pressing the Stop button in the VBA environment. I start it up and it now works fine again.

    I verified that I am opening, using and then closing both the recordset and the connection, but not sure if I have memory leak or something else.

    I can add some error trapping to detect the empty recordset, but not sure how to get the system to auto recover when it gets in this state.

    Any suggestions.

    using GetMatch @Status='Update', @SendType=Automatic in a call to SQLServer

    Thanks in advance for any help .

    I have a strange issue occurring on a project. I'm using the same base code I've used for multiple projects without issue. Uses ADODB connections to run sql strings against the database to return a dataset. I then work with the data in Excel and then call another string to pull a different set.

    I started a new project about 2 weeks ago. Got everything up and running late last week and it was all fine up until last night. Now every time I try and make multiple Open calls in a row using automation, Excel crashes completely. The same code works fine on a different server. I can also do a single call without issue.

    Since it is a hard crash, I am really struggling to find out what is causing the issue. My guess is that it is on the server side, but as far as I know, nothing has changed. I checked the logs in SQL server and the Event viewer and didn't see anything that stuck out.

    Really look for help troubleshooting this. I am at a complete standstill and getting a lot of heat for the delay.

    Any suggestions on where to look or what to try?