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    Hello, can anyone help write VBA to automatically populate a userform text box. I'm trying to get it to lookup the value in a table based on the combobox selection and then multiply this by the value entered in another textbox. In other words replace the formula =IF(ISERROR(G17*VLOOKUP($A17,$V$7:$Y$14,$M$11,FALSE)),0,G17*VLOOKUP($A17,$V$7:$Y$14,$M$11,FALSE))

    Hi, please could anyone help add to the following code so that it will search depending on which textbox, out of three search options is chosen to define the search term. Basically, I'd like to get it to search column A of the worksheet for "pID", column B for "p.code" or column C for "p.title". Any help greatly appreciated.