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    Re: Hide entire row based on value of one cell

    Hi Erik PLS,

    Is this what you are looking for?

    hope that helps.

    Re: Send Email To Multiple Recipients

    Hi bbccmm,

    Do you know how to alter your code so you dont have to select the code manually every time? If you have 100 sheets with all the emails in Column Q where each sheet has different amount of sheets eg sheet1 5 emails, sheets2 1 email, sheet 55 has 40 emails.


    Gd Morning all,

    I am building a VBA spreadsheet and i am stuck on the last few parts and would greatly appreciate any help with the coding.
    The last 2 things im stuck with are:

    Workbook i have created so far takes a raw data dump, splits it by Name and by region in a separate workbooks. After it selects the people the person is responsible for and takes the unique values and dumps them in Column P, followed by a vlookup on these unique values and dumps the persons email in Q( there can be 1 email, there could be 5 or there could be 20 the number changes per workbook)

    1) The first problem i am having is: i want my formula to go through each worksheet and to pick up the emails in Q2:QX and to put them in the email in the TO row as a string, (please note each workbook has various amount of emails). In Q1 i have the Person whos responsible for all the below in Q2:QX therefor i want the Q1 value to go in to the CC

    2) The second part which im slightly stick on is getting to send from a different email, i dont want it coming from my mail but froma different email which i do have access.

    the code is as followed:

    Thank you in advance for your help!