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    Re: commandbutton of amend

    De rien ...

    Glad the Modification and Close buttons are now operational ...

    When you mention "delete a row" ... do you mean a new command button which, based on the user's selection, would delete the entire row in the database ...?

    Re: VBA Conditional formatting using another cells colour

    Glad this is going in the right direction ...

    Regarding your points 1 and 3 ... the modified code to be tested :

    Regarding the week-ends and banks holidays, could you explain a bit further ... since there is no conditional formatting in the L2:M14 range ...


    Re: Insert copied row after each page break


    Is there a specific reason for you to have a macro ...?

    The easiest is to use the Page Setup ... select the Sheet Tab ... select the Headings line to be the Row to Repeat at Top of each page...


    Re: Range in VBA Address

    Quote from kubabocz;753125

    Thank you very much Carim.
    That's exactly what I needed.

    My pleasure ...

    Thanks for ... your thanks :smile:

    Re: VBA Conditional formatting using another cells colour


    You can have the following code tested ...

    1. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    2. If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
    3. If Intersect(Target, Range("L2:M14")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    4. Dim x As Long
    5. x = Application.Match(Target.Value, Range("D174:D212"), 0)
    6. Target.Interior.Color = Cells(x + 173, 4).Interior.Color
    7. End Sub

    Then make sure to re-input the same codes in the range L2:M14 ... to adjust colors to your legend ...

    Re: Copy sheet (didnt find any of what i'm looking for)


    As I did mention it earlier ...there are two imperatives:

    1. The cell B2 must contain the exact name of the destination workbook
    2. The destination workbook must be opened

    If you feel like attaching your source workbook for verification purposes ... please feel free

    Re: commandbutton of amend


    Since your UserForm is not adding a great value to your workbook, my assumption is your objective must be : Learning the input process ...

    Attached is your modified file ...



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    Re: Copy sheet (didnt find any of what i'm looking for)


    Using your variables have selected DstName as the variable holding the name of the Destination workbook ...

    ThisWorkbook or ActiveWorkbook is the Source workbook ... where you are storing your macro ...

    1. ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet2").Copy After:=Workbooks(DstName).Sheets(Workbooks(DstName).Sheets.Count)


    Re: COUNTIF not counting correctly


    In the Summary Info worksheet, the formula for cell B1 should be :

    1. =COUNTIF('Master Sheet'!$H$3:$H$363, A1)

    Then, you can copy this formula down ...


    Re: Copy sheet (didnt find any of what i'm looking for)

    Quote from mdorey;753087

    how can i make that to take the destination from the sheet1.Range("B2").Value???

    You can do it as long as you have got a string with the correct workbook name ... and that the workbook is opened ...

    Re: Two dynamic drop downs with specific list selections

    Quote from marcelkahn5;753077

    I can't have any macros as the file will be managed by newbies... I should have mentioned this from the start.

    On another note, do you mind explaining how you got the resin drop down to work. I cannot seem to replicate the steps and have it link with the location drop down.


    In order to test the event macro, you need to select a location in Cell B4 ... it will automatically update the Resin type list in Cell B17 ...

    The advantage of an event macro is that it is "invisible" to the user ...

    If you are interested in the code ... you need to right click on the tab's name and select View Code ...

    Re: Two dynamic drop downs with specific list selections

    Let me check the Version 3 ...

    It looks as if the Indirect() function for the dependent drop-downs does not accept dynamic ranges ...:dead:

    In the meantime, if I am not mistaken ..., the Version 2 is working fine ... no ???