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    Help for the same query is also requested at the below mentioned links




    I will keep on working on the code with the help received from anyone. Once, the query is solved... threads on all the above links will be updated with the code.
    Hope I am not breaking any rule or no one is getting offended.

    Sincere Thanks.

    Dear Folks,

    Greetings of the Day !!!

    I have list of file names in column B (say 50 names, 10 each of 5 different set). Admitting that I am at very beginning level of VBA, I could only get through the following code to open AutoCAD aplication.
    I looking for some modification in the code to open a template file and save as with the above 50 names at a desired location.

    Any help in solving the issue will be of great help or atleast a reference to solved thread of same issue will be highly appreciated.

    Many Thanks in advance.
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    Dear All,

    Greetings of the Day !!!

    Hope you all are having a great time.
    I am here trying to trying to Create workbooks from a template file.
    The steps are as below:

    1. Create new workbooks from the Template file
    2. Names of the new workbook are unique cells from column B of the database file. ("assuming column B")
    3. Copy the all data related to unique value
    4. Paste the copied data in a new file in Range B12

    Hope i am not confusing and also not getting very loopy.
    Step 1 & 2 have been achieved with the following code.

    I want to integrate Step 3 & 4 aswell in the same code.

    Thanks for your time in reading this & Many thanks in advance for your guidance.

    Cheers !!!

    Re: VBA Code to Create Workbooks from Template file

    Dear All,

    I somehow was able to create the desired VBA, with the help of some past posts of other users & some help from other forums. Thanks to all of them.
    The requirement was to create the workbooks from a Template file with pasting some project information in the template file.

    Below is the VBA (may be it will be of some help for others)

    Dear All,

    Greetings of the Day !!!

    I need a VBA to create "n" workbooks with some rules.
    Workbook are template files to be read from fixed location (say template folder in "C-drive,
    C:\Excel Templates")
    "n" is the count of list in the active workbook and names of the workbook is the range of the same list.

    Hope i am bit clear and not very greedy.

    If needed i can attach the working file and the template files.

    Many Thanks in advance.

    Cheers !!!

    Dear All,

    I am a new member of this forum. The interest and zeal to develop the skills in excel brought me to this page.
    I am beginner and quick learner.

    I am prepared a simple macro in excel sheet to do the Auto Sorting function.
    I want to add a confirmation message that should prompt after clicking the macro button.

    Below is the code for the macro.

    Thanks in advance.