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    I cannot reproduce the error here. However, paste the following macro into the SHEET MODULE. Evertime

    the term YES is entered into COL J, the copy process will occur.

    The following change gets the object copied to the other sheet. However, there remains another error concerning the

    pasted object's dimensions.

    Let's go another route ...


    Try this to replace your current code :

    But .. I can't help but ask ... why would you give them access to change their password. Usually the password is set by an Administrator.

    Changes are requested and approved by the Administrator and then the Administrator does the editing.

    Note the quotation marks around the str name.

    To test your macro I changed a few things but ... just put the quotation marks where indicated.


    Without getting too fancy with coding .. here is one method :


    Copy Each Cell One At A Time.xlsm

    I truly do not understand what is happening withe the code as you have written it. Logic tells me it should work as desired .. but of course it does not.

    Experimenting around with different things, this is a work around to accomplish your goal, although it is not ideal as the your original code should work correctly.