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    I too do not understand why it works here and not there.

    One difference I see on your end ... the drop down is not displaying the entire inventory of gloves. Here, the entire inventory is displayed

    and I have the ability to choose which item I want.

    Don't know if this will make any difference but ... I'll attach the workbook here for you to use. Maybe something changed

    in the sending of it back and forth ???

    Digital MMR5.xlsm

    As shown in the below image, I entered glove in the first drop down, the various selections appeared, I clicked on a selection then pressed ENTER.

    The drop down closed.

    I performed the same motions with the second drop down.

    Still no issue here.



    I am not having that issue here.

    After selecting a product from the drop down, it "rolls back up" and closes allowing to view the next drop down.



    First ... you'll need to UNMERGE the cells. Keep in mind that MERGED CELLS always create issues. Best to never use them.

    1. Sub Paste_Range()
    2. Dim range_to_copy As Range, range_for_pasting As Range
    3. Set range_to_copy = Range("A2:F11") '<-- edit range to copy here
    4. range_to_copy.Copy
    5. ActiveSheet.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial xlPasteAll
    6. End Sub


    Private Sub Workbook_Open()

    'Updated by Extendoffice 2019/1/20

    Dim xTime As String '<---- should be inside the macro, at the top

    Dim xWB As Workbook '<---- should be inside the macro, at the top

    On Error Resume Next

    xTime = Application.InputBox("Please specify the idle time:", "Save and Close After Idle Time", "00:10:00", , , , , 2)

    Set xWB = ActiveWorkbook

    If xTime = "" Then Exit Sub


    End Sub

    Where does your macro require activating this sheet ?


    No .. NOT the "DonotRemove" term ....

    This part : Sheets(i3)

    Do you have a Sheet Tab named i3 ? If so, then it should be : Sheets("i3") ... place the i3 in quotation marks.


    Ok ... the following macro is functional via manual activation or auto-activation:

    With a COMMAND BUTTON you can manually activate the macro.

    If you desire to auto-activate the macro, paste the following in to the Sheet Module :

    1. Option Explicit
    2. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    3. CopyTerm
    4. End Sub

    I cannot reproduce the error here. However, paste the following macro into the SHEET MODULE. Evertime

    the term YES is entered into COL J, the copy process will occur.

    The following change gets the object copied to the other sheet. However, there remains another error concerning the

    pasted object's dimensions.