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    Re: Exporting Outlook tasks to excel

    After searching around, someone was able to assist me on another site.

    Turns out my syntax was wrong. The correct syntax was as follows

    1. [FONT=Courier New]"[DueDate] >= '" & strStart & "' AND [DueDate] <= '" & strEnd & "'"[/FONT]

    Hi there,

    I am a beginner to VBA, after googling I managed to piece together a bit of VBA code to export all outlook tasks into an excel sheet saved onto the desktop.

    What I am struggling with, is trying to restrict the exported tasks within a date range specified (See Filter Attempt 2). Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Notes and code:
    I chose the Restrict method over the find and select method since I heard it's faster when searching through large amounts of data.

    Code extract is here:

    Re: Frustrated: Please help me learn how create this editable shape in PowerPoint

    Could you tell me which version of PowerPoint was used to create that image?

    From my side the image appears a static image (and not a collection of shapes or clip art).

    However it should be possible to recreate the image using basic shapes.

    I made a quick rough recreation to demonstrate this (attached below). Hope it helps


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    Hi there,

    Below is the macro that I am using to export tasks from Outlook into Excel. I put it together after Googling for bits of macro.

    What I'd like to do is have the ability to open up a "Save As" dialogue box to allow the user to specify where the excel file is to be saved (instead of having the user manually enter the address).

    Macro 1. Exports tasks from Outlook into excel:

    Macro 2: Opens Up "Save As"
    I am trying to merge the macro below into the macro above. However I can't seem to get it right