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    Hi, I am using the below code for creating a worksheet of filter data. The code is created by Kjbox. Here is Link. Now I need some modification of the same code.

    I tried but it gives me an error as I am not very good at VBA coding.

    The request is:

    1. When the file created upon command button a summation of the "Amount" Hdrs to the last row,

    2. "TRA_Date" will be the today date,

    3. "Register Note" comes from the e2 cell value,

    4. "Narration" comes from the f2 cell value.

    5. "Address" as a fixed text.

    6. TSL Hdrs cell Text "C" but the last cell of the last row will be "D"

    Hope someone supports me and will be highly appreciated. Wish Kjbox will be again.

    Thanks and Best regards.

    The code is here:

    Dear Kjbox,

    Hope you are well in health. I need some changes to the below code (Marked blue) that you created for me.

    I need a summation of the "Amount" to the last row,

    "TRA_Date" will be the today date,

    "Register Note" comes from the e2 cell value,

    "Narration" comes from the f2 cell value.

    "Address" as a fixed text.

    Hope you help me as you help me before.

    Thanks and Advance.

    Hi, All

    I mixed up some code for my worksheet but not working. Need expert opinion and help for correction.

    Hope someone will rectify my code below

    Thanks in Advance.


    I want to sum ( time value ) of match data from another sheet.

    I'm using the below code but returns nothing,

    1. =SUMIF(Downtime!$B$10:$B$16,B10,Downtime!$K$10:$K$16)

    the value will be in hh:mm: ss format.

    Any help or suggestions.


    I searched many forums but did not findanything to fulfill my needs. Hope someone helps me.

    I have an excel workbook, & Worksheet name "Bill"

    Search value in AL9 to AL1200 ( Some cells are blank), Hyperlink cell will be AC9 to AC1200.

    The file extension is .pdf


    Where Filename exists, then this file needs to search through subfolders 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 of folder "Data" of E drive. (Like E:\Data\2020)

    IF file found then AC value converted into a hyperlink. ( The fact is the AC value will be unchanged.)

    example: AL9 value searched in drive E:\Data\ and subfolder 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, If match found then AC9 value T-9 converted as a hyperlink like T-9.

    Thanks in advance.


    I am using the below code to create the text box based on cell data.

    But now I want this text box to automatically size with the text length and width.

    Can It be possible to do it by using VBA?

    Thanks in Advance.


    I have been using the below code for comment entry based on cell value.

    But it takes only 17 characters. If I input more than 17 characters in the cell N9:N10 then It debugs.

    Can anyone tell me what to change to overcome this obstacle?

    Hope someone helps me.

    Thanks in advance.


    I am stuck in the following code compile in one. If I compile then some code not working. Can anyone help to compile multiple worksheet change codes in one?

    The codes are given below.

    And Below this code

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance