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    Good Afternoon Carim

    I have a thread here and on other sites posted 4 days ago with no response so I thought I will have to learn VBA .

    I am having a crack at homeandlearn. to see if it will suit my needs.


    Good afternoon all.



    What I would like to ask is, anyone on OZGRID ever came across a thread where they needed help to look at cell on Sheet(1)
    then lookup for a location on Sheet(2) then paste the data in the correct cells. If so can you point me to that achieve so I can look it
    up and get some ideas.

    Same message posted on EF

    Regards Peter

    Good ay to all readers here

    As one who ran foul of the ruling this week, may I suggest to all mods that they look at the rules please.
    There is NO time frame to guide anyone in which someone is required to cross post.
    I thought I would have had a few hours being allowed due to domestic of business situations to do the cross post.

    4a. No double posting. This is because double posts are wasting the time of volunteers by them answering the post when the post may have already been answered.

    4# A reasonable time allowed is 4 hours. ( This is just my Suggestion)

    Thank you for looking
    Peter Harding
    Logan City

    Good Morning all

    I have a program for use on Endurance Horse races, I am requesting some VBA to help here.

    On the " Front Sheet 3 " they enter some data this then needs to be assigned to that rider on the " Open Sheet 1 ",

    Scenario 1 " Sheet 3 " If Q6="",and L6="" select( D2, F2, J6,) vlookup "Sheet 1" (Cells A1:Z107 ) paste data from ( D2, F2, J6,) then run clear open macro select "Sheet 3 " D6 OR

    Scenario 2 " Sheet 3 " If Q6="",and L6," V or W " select( D2, F2, L6,)(in this scenario ignore J6) vlookup "Sheet 1" (Cells A1:Z107 ) paste data from ( D2, F2, L6,) then run clear open macro select "Sheet 3 " D6 OR

    Scenario 3 " Sheet 3 " If Q6>"", select D6 & Q6, for pasting (Timeout column on sheet 1)" (refer structure on "Sheet 7" L8-L30) then on "Sheet 1 "(In this case Column "J",(Cells A1:Z107 Paste Q6),then run clear open macro select "Sheet 3 " D6

    The " Lookups" above ONLY for an indication,

    The Book2.xlsx shows the before and after.

    Any thing that is not clear or problems please contact me

    There is 2 sample files

    Thank You in advance Peter

    Please be advised of cross posting…atching-cells-sheet1.html

    EF advised of cross postings


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    Good morning all

    I have returned back to this forum and looking for someone with extensive VBA skills please, if anyone can help then I will post my thread.
    I have tried elsewhere but apparently my description need more work, I simplified the post but no one has answered.
    In all fairness here is my other posting


    I hope someone can assist