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    Good morning any and all

    My 80 year old brain has forgotten some basic stuff.

    What I have is 4 columns C,D,E,F starting on row2.

    In cell F2, i need a formulae

    If c2 is blank and D2 is Blank, and e2 is Blank, then show a blank cell in F2,

    If C2 is >" ",D2 is >" ",E2 is >" ", then in F2 (E2/D2) the answer as a in %

    I don't have a sample sheet to attach ATM

    Regards Peter

    Hi all readers

    A portion of a poem by Dorothea Mackellar

    'I love a Sunburnt Country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains'

    Some of us believe that we should now adopt

    'I love a Sunburnt Country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and Bloody Flames".

    From my Wife and I we wish to extend the heartiest of season greetings, to ALL that have assisted me this year.


    Good afternoon all

    Is it possible to run a 2 key Hot key

    example: Ctrl + A + M will open a given function within Excel


    1. Function FirstNumber(RngToChk As Range) As Variant
    2. FirstNumber = RngToChk.SpecialCells([B][COLOR=#FF0000]xlConstants[/COLOR][/B], xlNumbers)(1).Value
    3. End Function
    4. Function LastNumber(RngToChk As Range) As Double
    5. With RngToChk.SpecialCells([B][COLOR=#FF0000]xlConstants[/COLOR][/B], xlNumbers)
    6. LastNumber = .Areas(.Areas.Count).Value
    7. End With
    8. End Function

    H Charles

    Thank you for you efforts so far,

    My observations:

    On the attached file I have put in the option of a 3 leg race, it would be rare depends on weather and track conditions.

    1/ We need the option that a rider may be Vetted out or Withdrawn before the race actually starts, so that in involves Column "C"
    2/ Lets assume that a rider has the first leg and is going out for the second leg THEY MUST HAVE a 1 hour REST you can see in The OPEN cells J11 and O11 the TEMP data there
    3/ When they enter BASE in H6 can the code scan for the last occupied cell for that rider then enter the BASE or TIMEout

    On a personal note please let me have your paypal account for some extra payments.


    HI KJBox may I have your name please.

    OK Yes I can see your point there, F6 just displays the leg of the race in relation to the H6 entry It should not be part of your programming.

    I have entered 1 in D6, 1 in F6, 1 in H6, and 05:45 in J6, what do I need to do now, to get that across to the OPEN sheet in Row 14 Cell E14 please.

    Good Afternoon

    I have attached a sample file called "Enduro_2_Short.xlsm" this is a cut down file.

    On that file when you enter a number in D6, the enter a checkpoint number in H6, F6 will display the checkpoint number.

    That function is missing off the new file.

    What steps do I need to do to get Rider No 1 with Checkpoint 1 and time of 06:25 information over to the Open sheet cell E8 please

    Hi Peter Here

    I have paid the full $30 Dollars because $3 dollars seemed a silly amount to pay,
    I am not rich But I have to pay for each of my Bank transaction each month when I exceed a certain number.

    As I said If nobody took it on Then it was a donation to the forum.


    Please ask away for any direction on my needs

    Look for data on " Front" sheet then lookup cells on "Open" Sheet and paste

    Front Sheet concerned cells are D6, F6, J6,
    Cells to be aware of L6 & Q6

    PayPal Transaction ID 9WL25823AP475942E $30. Full Payment

    Please Note

    I have read the rules but I figured $3 as a 10% I would be better off making the whole amount.
    Then even if nobody takes on the project I have made a donation towards the Forum.



    • Enduro_3.xlsm

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    • Book2.xlsx

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    Good Afternoon all Maybe for Mr Pike to look at
    (Long time no speak OM)

    I have a program for use on Endurance Horse races, I am requesting some VBA to execute the data.

    On the " Sheet 3 " data is entered, then to be assigned to that rider on the " Sheet 1 ",

    The Book2.xlsx shows the before and after.

    Any thing that is not clear or problems please contact me

    There is 2 sample files

    Thank You in advance Peter


    • Book2.xlsx

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    • Enduro_4.xlsm

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    As I cannot edit my post it makes it hard for make any adjustments along the lines of your suggestions.

    Any Idea How I can make it suitable for someone to assist me please.