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    Thank you. I will make a calculation.

    Hello all and happy holidays,

    I am trying to calculate the final sales price for Etsy sales over a desired profit price, but couldn't handle it. The problem is that commission rates are connected to each other and one changes, others change too. I could solve the problem when only one commission rate applied, but multiple commission rates are getting hard to get out of. Is there a magic way that when I enter purchase price from the supplier and shipping fee as costs (only those two), and the profit I want to have, populate all other fields and finally get the price that I should sell? I hope it is not complicated. Thank you.

    As you know the decimal separator is set at the Application level ...

    so the next question is the following :

    Is your objective only a display issue ... or are we talking about numbers which should continue to act as actual numbers ???

    Just a display matter. I just want to display as if they are separated by commas instead of dots in another sheet while keeping actual format as dots.


    In my workbook, I have prices with four digits after dot like "25.000"; while considering this is formulated number format, in another sheet I want to display it as "25,000" with a comma instead of dot. If I change it through Options > Advanced > Decimal Separator, everything works like a charm but everything becomes to have changed! However, I just want to change it for numbers in a worksheet only. How can I use comma for numbers without breaking other dots? Thank you.

    Thank you Carim. I am on case.

    Quite honestly the sample file you have attached is way too vague to come up with any meaningful recommendation ...

    Could you share a file which is closer to your real-life situation ...:)

    Hello Carim, here is the file you requested. I tried to adapt some examples from different websites but none of them worked for me. Sample workbook is in the attachment and very simplified as real life situation.


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    Hello OzGrid,

    I have a workbook, and trying to arrange a dependent drop down list to product name and company. Problem is that, product names (named ranges or groups? I don't know how I should call them) are placed in different sheets in the same workbook and they have multiple words. Addition to this, in the main sheet, product company and product name are placed in different cells. After a couple of hours, my work returned no success. I do need help. Thank you. Sample is in the attachment.


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    Thank you sooo much Carim, Wonderful! You made my day again. I'm crying of happiness now :thumbup:

    Wow, That is incredible Carim I cannot thank you enough. All seems perfect. Just one more question... Normally, there are too many categories more than this sample workbook; is there a practical method to pull out each product? I tried this method: Text to columns then paste as transpose but it will take ages.


    I would like to list my product by using of a dropdown. Then, when a product selected in a cell via dropdown, its fee rate percentage must have appeared. However, I don't know how to overcome this. Because products have been categorized and each category is in a cell as seperated by a comma. I worked on a partial match solution but it didn't work. Any help would be great. For some reasons, I do not want to break those categories, though helper can be okay if applicable. Or any VBA solution at the last analysis. Thanks. File is in the attachment.


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