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    I have this file wich opens with a Userform. it's been in use for 2 years now and works fine.

    now I have 200 users that will have acces to it. I have noticed that if more than 1 usuer has it open, the will be prompt only when they "save" that they are in "read only", and this after imputting possibly over 100 lines of data

    usualy when you open a file that is already openned by an other user you get a prompt immidiatly. why am I not getting one now ?

    my file is too large to insert here sorry

    Hello gang

    Have a userform that works very well

    so well that I've been asked to upgrade it

    in a userform, I pesently have 2 option buttons, one has to be selected to continue. but now, I must add:

    if OptionButton_Imcomplet=true then at least 1 of the 18 checkboxs must be checked

    tried this but stops even if one checkbox is selected

    hello from Montréal

    I have a Worksheet in wich I have 5 différents variables (in cells E61 to E65)

    I would like VBA to recognise the value in those cells and format le nomber of cells coresponding in different lines

    say E61 value is 10

    I want VBA to format the next 10 cells with borders, for all lines with "10" in colombs "B", starting in colomb "G"

    the attached file should be more explicit, you have the blanck sheet and the result wanted sheet

    thanks in advance for your help gang

    I have coded before, I can make a code take data from cells, and with a button sent it to a different sheet.

    now I need to do the same, but depending on the value in the first cel I want the data to go to a coresponding sheet


    sheet Data, cell b1 to b5 has data.
    in cell b1 is a list of 4 different possibilities. if possibilité 1 is celected, I want the data from all the cells to go to a specific sheet, etc

    at the moment, my code sends every thing to the same sheet, so I need to understand how to create a variable

    also, the sheets have code to rename the sheet according to info il the last sheet


    Re: Find next emply cel in row if row is = condition, let me explain it better

    in week one, 48 employes may be on vacation
    in week 2, 48
    in the summer it's 87 employes per week

    so it's always 52 weeks, but all in all I have actually over 2400 vacation weeks to give in the year

    each employe may chose there first 2 weeks, but must wait till every one has chosen their first 2 weeks. if they chose outside the summer periode they may chose more than 2 weeks. that's way the code "black" for the first 2 picks does'nt work for me

    also, I have added a value at the end of each week that serve has a stopper, so that I cant book more in that given week, but the code does'nt work now

    then, as some employes have 2, 3, up tu 7 weeks vacations time, they may chose the reste of their vacation weeks, and I want those in red.

    Re: Find next emply cel in row if row is = condition

    cytop, one more question

    now that it's running ok, got an idea

    I'd like a second button that does exactly the same thing, but colors the value returned red

    "Why ? well they all start with chosing 2 weeks and once every one has done that, they can then chose the reste of there vacation and I want to see wich weeks were chosen on the first pass in black and the rest in red"

    suggestions ?

    First post ever for me !

    I have found answers here before, but this time I need to ask a specific question

    I'm in Montréal, french Montréal so excuse my wording :)

    I have a few hundred employes who have each between 2 to 7 weeks vacation time

    I have a grid in Excel wich identifies how many employe may be on vacation on a given week

    I want to enter in A1 the employe number, then in B1 the number of his first vacation week, in C1 the number of his second vacation week etc

    I then have a button wich I want the code to take the employe number and copy it in the next empty cel of the row coresponding to his vacation week number

    attached is a file "with no code at the moment" wich represents what I want it to look like

    now I have coded before, but just don't know how to send the value of A1 in the next emply cel of the correct row

    in the attached file, "44444" is in A1, and should be sent to cells D6, F7, E8, E9, D10 and C11, according to his choices made in cells B2 to H2