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    Hello dear OzGrid, me again.
    Need to find the right certificate to print based on fuel level at some date.

    If i had 0 litres in reservoire and then 26Jan i received 30 000 litres, so in next days, if there isn't any other receive(in) i will print that(30000) certificate.
    I need formula to somehow monitor fuel level. If fuel level is 31 000 litres at January 27th, something is wrong. If fuel level is 29 or less, then give customer that (30000) certificate. It's too complicated. Reservoires are 100 000 litres capacity, so there might be 130 000 receive in for some date(28 Jan), because, at 28 Jan i could also sell 30 000litres. It's so complicated.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


    It is great CARIM, i see why G4 isn't input cell 'cause it becomes G(filtered row number).

    This is super great. Almost. When i enter value in B1 it is filtering and adding EAN to A1, when i delete B1 it also deletes A1, THIS IS GREAT. But vice versa not working. When i enter A1 EAN, B1 is empty,

    Hello, the great OzGrid!

    How to automatically filter range based on one cell value?
    Let's say I have empty cell A1, dear Excel do nothing, do not filter range A2:A1048576.
    If there(A1) is some number then as I type in, do filtering on A2:A1048....
    If there(A1) is text or space(" ") display error, if is empty unfilter range-sort AZ column A2:A1048.....


    P.s. Range A2:G1048.... will be constant, i will not delete rows, i just need to find(filter) row based on A1 search and then enter some data in G2 address.

    Also asked on:…ed-on-one-cell-value.html


    Is there a way to short this neat formula: =SUMPRODUCT(ISERR(SEARCH("trump";A2:A21))*N(+C2:E21)*ISERR(SEARCH("white house";A2:A21))) it's giving me sum of all sales wich aren't Trump and White House.

    Why this formula isn't working:
    =SUMPRODUCT(ISERR(SEARCH({"trump","white house"},A2:A21))*N(+C2:E21))

    P.s I forgot, new look is nice, please add some green color :)

    Hello dear OzGrid!

    I have this formula: =SUMPRODUCT(ISERR(SEARCH({"TRUMP";"WHITE HOUSE"};A2:A21))*N(+C2:E21)) wich should sum all values from C2:E21 wich aren't TRUMP and WHouse, but this isn't working, it only search for TRUMP. N part is for text accuracies if there's any. Maybe SUMPRODUCT can't handle Search.
    This only works like this: =SUMPRODUCT(ISERR(SEARCH("TRUMP";A2:A21))*N(+C2:E21)*ISERR(SEARCH("WHITE HOUSE";A2:A21))) but is there a way to shorten this, would be great! Thanks!

    Re: Extract numbers from text?

    Bruce, my apologize, now I have completely another problem/question. Maybe I should start a new thread. Code is fine everything is fine, but, now I realize that my problem is with a column not in array(A1:D9). Add_Numeric isn't working on A1:A9 it always returns values from whole array. I thought my problem is in negative numbers, now I realize that this NUMERIC code is only for array, I wish it could work on column also:(

    Re: Extract numbers from text?

    Yes, it does, it's summing. =Add_Numeric(A1:D9) Problem is in negative numbers, when it see minus(-) it goes with #VALUE! error, maybe thinks it's a text?


    I have a range, let's say, A1:D9, in which are values like: "", sometext1234, 1234text, -1234, 1234, tetxt1234tetxt...
    I have this code which is working perfectly but, problem is in that MINUS1234. I just want to Sum these numbers. Code is working only if num is positive :(

    Re: Comma decimal separator dot

    Quote from B.W.B.;776741

    I figured out after three months. Problem is in PrintPreview, but WHYYY MICROSOFT, WHY!

    1. ' In case there is no printing device:
    2. On Error Resume Next
    3. Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrinterSetup).Show
    4. Selection.PrintOut Preview:=True

    When i set Selection.PrintOut Preview:=False everything is fine, no error.
    But, why! I really need print preview :( ;(

    Bump :([/QUOTE]

    PROBLEM SOLED! Thank You: heinziburli

    The answer is: Application.CommandBars.ExecuteMso "FilePrintPreview"