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    I think I got it.

    I added this line to expand the table:

    1. Target.ListObjects("Table4").ListRows.Add

    It adds an extra blank row but I just use a delete row line to take care of that.

    If anyone has a more efficient solution let me know.


    This seems to work (it pastes it into the second row)

    I just have to figure out why it is not expanding the table when it pastes the data.

    Also, right now it's pasting columns A and B still.

    hi Roy,

    Thanks for your suggestions. Wouldn't it need to loop through each row in the Source sheet to find that keyword and then copy though?

    I'd like it to copy the cell in B that matches a keyword in column A, but there could be 1 or many of those keywords in column A.


    A B

    Hi Abby

    Hello Roy

    Hi John

    Hi Jane

    And the keyword = "Hi"

    In Destination sheet it should have copied:





    (And destination sheet has a table).

    Thanks for the help!


    hi there,

    It's late and I can't think anymore.

    I am trying to look for a keyword in Sheet1 Column A and if found, I need it to copy that row and paste it into a table in Sheet2.

    The problem is it keeps pasting it outside the table in sheet 2. I'm wondering if someone can help me troubleshoot why.

    So what it is doing is, if I have 2 rows in Sheet 2 (row 1 being the header row and row 2 the first row of the table), it pastes it into Row 3 which isn't a part of the table. I need it to paste into row 2.

    Here is the code:

    Also, is there a way to only get it to copy Column B and not the entire row?

    Thanks in advance,


    hi there,

    I need some help. I have a sheet (Sheet 1) that will have a list of ids and items in them.

    In another sheet (sheet 2), I have a list of 5 steps that need to be done to each of the ids/items in sheet 1.

    In sheet 3, I want to copy the steps (it's a set number) however many times an unique id is present in sheet 1.

    So basically:

    Sheet 1 table:


    Sheet 2 table:

    Enter Description here1.0A
    Enter Manufacturer here2.0B
    Enter Requester here

    Sheet 3 should end up looking like this: (Sheet 3 can start with a blank table with just the header)

    1AChairEnter Description here1.0A
    1AChairEnter Manufacturer here2.0B
    1AChairEnter Requester here3.0C
    1BTableEnter Description here1.0A
    1BTableEnter Manufacturer here2.0B
    1BTable Enter Requester here3.0C

    Is this possible? Can anyone please help?

    Thanks in advance!

    Here are the headers for the original file - these ones work as normal range.

    They are reading as dates.

    When I converted it to a table, the dates read weird. You said January 2, 2018. It's actually supposed to be January 1, 2018.

    For some reason, I think it's reading the headers as text, not dates, even though it looks like dates. No matter what I did, it wouldn't convert.

    I need to do date comparisons with it but it's not calculating properly because of that :(.

    Thanks in advance, Carim.


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    hi there,

    I'm losing my mind here.

    I had a normal range I converted to an Excel table with the headers. Most of the headers are dates.

    No matter what I try, I cannot seem to convert them to read as dates!

    I'm not sure why. I need them as dates as they are used in formulas.

    I've attached the table (with the data cleared). I just need the headers from K onwards to read as dates.

    Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've been googling for a while now and gave up. :(

    Thank you!


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    hi Carim and KjBox,

    Thank you for your quick replies!
    I really, really appreciate it!
    I can confirm they work.
    In the end, I went with the UDF as it is more flexible. Because it's in a table that keeps on 'changing' (its data refreshes from an external source).

    Thank you again and I hope you both have a great day!