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    fwiw I see it as entirely optional - as Roy states, it was never a feature that existed previously. If people want to use it then go for it, but there's certainly no obligation to do so :)

    I have tried that without success. When I open a thread that contains code, it appears without any indentation in that thread even though it was posted with the indentation included. Another problem I'm having is that I cannot manually copy/paste text from one post to another or even within the same post. I'm wondering if the problems are related.


    Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing? Also if you can provide screenshot(s) of what you're copy/pasting vs. what the post renders afterwards that would be helpful.

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    So, can I ask what it is I am looking at when I click on the "Unresolved Threads" option? What places a thread in that status?

    Hi Justin,

    The "Unresolved Threads" option is showing threads that do not have a "resolved" status as you probably suspected.

    The ability to mark a thread as "resolved" is something that we've only had for the last year or so. Historically this didn't exist on OzGrid and so for that reason it's never been a requirement on here. If people do decide to do it then it's really just a bonus.

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    Hi Lisa,

    To assign a macro to a shape/button - you can right click and there should be an "Assign Macro" option where you can choose which macro to run when a user clicks it.

    As for your issue with the second macro - does that second range have any merged cells or anything like that included? If you're able to upload a sample workbook it would help to visualise the problem.



    Hey Carim,

    I'm seeing if I can tweak the registration process to get some of this information to the users as they register.

    For current users - best thing to do is either point them towards this post as Ali says, or simply edit the thread title and let them know why you've amended it.

    An important note - as Roy mentions in another comment - thread titles themselves are not as important as they used to be in terms of SEO, but they still play a crucial part in the forums own search abilities and can certainly help in search engine results. So the focus isn't so much on SEO friendly terms here, but think more about what would a user search for on the forum if they had a similar problem....

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    I might need to throw up a post somewhere - looks like when you paste it loses the formatting.

    If you click the code button first it makes a little box where you can paste the code and it retains all the formatting.

    It will be a change to what everyone is used to though