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    With the launch of the new chat section, here are some useful commands and information about the chat in general.

    - Chat feed loads every 3 seconds, so you might see a very small delay between posting and the message appearing. This is deliberate to preserve server processing.

    - Users are automatically marked as "away" after 10 minutes of inactivity

    - There is a maximum message length of 500 characters

    - Messages are automatically archived after 5 minutes

    - Permanent chat rooms can be requested by contacting a forum administrator

    The following commands are available within chat. Where a command requires a username as an argument, double quotes should be used for usernames with spaces.

    - /away sets your status to away

    - /color [name of a colour] changes your username colour in chat

    - /info [username] displays information about that user

    - /whisper [username] [message] sends a message to that user privately

    Have fun!

    fwiw I see it as entirely optional - as Roy states, it was never a feature that existed previously. If people want to use it then go for it, but there's certainly no obligation to do so :)

    I have tried that without success. When I open a thread that contains code, it appears without any indentation in that thread even though it was posted with the indentation included. Another problem I'm having is that I cannot manually copy/paste text from one post to another or even within the same post. I'm wondering if the problems are related.


    Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing? Also if you can provide screenshot(s) of what you're copy/pasting vs. what the post renders afterwards that would be helpful.

    Hi EvanBerrett, welcome to OzGrid.

    Please update your post with links to the other forums you have asked this question. If you are unable to do so please ask myself or any of the moderators to amend the post for you with the necessary links.

    For more information on this request - please refer to the forum rules (in my signature) which explain what cross-posting is and why we ask you to supply links.

    Many thanks


    So, can I ask what it is I am looking at when I click on the "Unresolved Threads" option? What places a thread in that status?

    Hi Justin,

    The "Unresolved Threads" option is showing threads that do not have a "resolved" status as you probably suspected.

    The ability to mark a thread as "resolved" is something that we've only had for the last year or so. Historically this didn't exist on OzGrid and so for that reason it's never been a requirement on here. If people do decide to do it then it's really just a bonus.

    All the best,



    It appears you have posted this question on at least one other forum. Please note that as per our forum rules you must declare this in your post and provide links to the other forum(s) that you have posted to. This is to ensure that no-one spends unnecessary time on sometime that has already been resolved elsewhere.

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    Hi Lisa,

    To assign a macro to a shape/button - you can right click and there should be an "Assign Macro" option where you can choose which macro to run when a user clicks it.

    As for your issue with the second macro - does that second range have any merged cells or anything like that included? If you're able to upload a sample workbook it would help to visualise the problem.