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    Re: Copying formulas

    This is not solving my problem...please understand that I want to autofill but only the formulas should get copied but no records should be seen..only when I fill the debit or credit column the resultant balance should show.

    I'm attaching a file so that you can solve it.



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    I want to make excel work as my income and expenditure register. I have one debit column, one credit column and one balance column. The opening balance is say, $140. It looks like :-

    Col A Col B Col C
    Debit Credit Balance
    0 0 140

    My problem is if I write a simple function like

    1. =sum(c1+b1)-a1

    and then drag the above function using autofill, values get displayed in the columns I have not entered anything. For ex, say If I have dragged using auto fill to C24, the balance value shows 140 all through C2 to C24 even though I have not entered anything in A2:A24 or B2:B24.

    Hence what I want is though I will copy the function using autofill only the function should get copied and nothing will show in the cells. Result should get displayed only when I enter some value in the debit or credit cell of that row.

    Please Help. If you want I can attach an excel file elaborating the above.