oK Will do when i get home all I want is to get the value from a cell into a userform cant see why you would one the work books but will do it comes as 2 workbooks

    Thank you

    Hi sorry.

    Not sure if this is allowed here is the form in the first work book and the sheet behind it fills in, The check for tool default is the trigger for the code

    The userform is called UserToolDetails you can see form and sheet marked 1 and 2. If this breached the rules or is just rubbish please remove the thread thank you


    I have some code that when triggered from a userform searches using 2 combo boxes as the criteria on a different work book, choose the top ten matches perform some simple calculations the paste them into the original workbook as paste special values. works great.(some code from here).

    How do I get "them" values into the userform that is still open and eventually into the worksheet that the use for filling in in? No point me posting any code:

    A) as I have none for this bit, though have tried.

    b) I never get the layout right.

    Hope that makes sense. Any help very much appreciated.

    Re: Check box range on another worksheet

    OK I think I have done what you wanted. sorry again did read the rules just did not know what the tags where.
    If you think I will be moore trouble than its worth just tell me.
    Spent hours looking so far.

    Many Thanks

    Re: Check box range on another worksheet

    I see see you have taught me something already I really didn't get that. But the code was wrong anyway so tag/colour would be miss leading any way.
    think i might stick around a bit longer. Many thanks

    Hi I am very much a noob so sorry,
    I have looked all over, but when you are not too sure what you are looking for its not easy.
    I have 5 work sheets on the first one i have a tick box, When ticked i would like it to take a value
    from a cell on sheet three (weights) and but it a cell next to the tick box on sheet 1.
    the code I have which I know is wrong as I can't set the range for sheet2 properly.
    Any help most welcome.

    code is:

    1. Private Sub CheckBox1_Click()
    2. If CheckBox1 = True Then
    3. Range("d9") = Range('WEIGHTS!"$C,$8)
    4. ElseIf CheckBox1 = False Then
    5. Range("d9") = ""
    6. End If
    7. End Sub

    many thanks