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    Hi Dangelor,

    Thanks for your code.

    The sample I submitted was to indicate different types of Texts. It can be eg Paper, Eraser, Board. etc etc.

    So I need the code to look for Arrays of Values and do the replacement.

    Secondly the code should run on ActiveSheet and not on Sheet 1

    Could you please amend it accordingly.

    Hope it is clear now.

    Thanks for your time and help.

    Hello All,

    Please find the attached sample where I would like VBA to search for an Array of Text in Col L from L3 till down.

    Note that there may be blanks in Col L.

    eg Type1, Type2, Type3, Type5, Type6, Type7 and fill up "PC" on the same Row under Col O where one of the Types are found.

    Note that there may already values under Col O or blanks.

    Col O should replace the old values or blank Ozgrid Help.xlsxOzgrid Help.xlsxwith "PC"

    Thanks in advance

    Dear Jolivanes,
    I have other sheets also in my workbook.
    Data is one of them.

    When the code runs creating of Result sheet is handled by your macro.
    On the new Result Sheet the headers should be the actual text as mentioned

    Hope it is clear now.
    Thanks for your time and help

    Dear Jolivanes
    Thanks for the code.
    Works great but need some changes please.

    1) The macro should not delete any sheets

    2) Heading1, 2, 3 etc was dummy for explanation purpose only. Can the macro put the text from the Data Sheet
    eg Heading1 will be the actual data in A1,
    Heading2 will be B1,
    Heading3 will be C1,
    Heading4 will be Total

    Thanks for your time once again

    Hello All,
    I am using Excel 2010 and have a problem as shown on the attached sample
    I have a Database as shown on the Data Sheet

    Data is from A2 till down on Data Sheet (sample sho)w few Rows only

    Col A has similar entries which is sorted

    I want a macro which should create a new Sheet and then Sum up all the entries from Col E to Col M for similar rows of Col A..
    Output shown is on the Result Sheet.

    Values in Col E to M can be positive, negative or zero (as shown)

    Col D of Data is not required

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance

    Hello All Experts,

    I am using Excel 2010 and have a problem as shown on the Before Sheet – sample attached
    I would like to have a macro which should do the following

    • I will select the Data and then run the Macro.
    • It should run on the active Sheet – My data will have only one sheet.
    • Create a new Sheet Result and give the output as shown on the sample file attached.


    • Data Start from A3
    • A1 and A2 are blanks
    • Names are in Row 1
    • DN is in Row 2
    • Col A has merged Cells to indicate number of Rows to be copied on the Result sheet
    • Number of Rows to be copied depends on the Merged Cells in Col A
    • Cells are colored for explanation purpose only
    • Result displays the output only for Name1 and Name2 for explanation purpose. Name3 and Name4 should also show on the Result Sheet

    Thanks in advance

    Re: Macro to convert a Flat Table of 12 Headings to 14 Headings as a Database

    Hello Kj
    Thanks a lot. Superb code.
    It works on the sample I gave but when I run the code on my actual data. It gives me Run-time error '424' Object required and highlights the below line

    x = Tabelle2.Cells(1).CurrentRegion

    Also Slight modification in the output would be really appreciated

    Heading 6 and 7 needs to be interchanged. Also is it possible to show all the numbers under Heading 6 divided by 1000 with 3 decimal places

    Heading 8 the value gets repeated. It should come only once. See the Result Sheet and Macro Result with my remarks on the attached sample

    Thanks once again for all your time and help


    Re: Macro to convert a Flat Table of 12 Headings to 14 Headings as a Database

    Yes you are right here. pardon me for this please

    See the revised sample attached
    I have mentioned the Headings with (H1), (H2) etc on Data Sheet for further clarification

    Thanks for your time and help


    Hello All,
    I am using Excel 2013 and I have a huge list of Data (3K+ rows) with 12 Headings (see Data and Result Sheet - sample attached)

    I need to split this Table to 14 Headings as shown in the Result Sheet.

    Cells which are not required on the Data sheet is strikedout for explanation purposes only
    Cells colored on Data and Result Sheet are also for explanation purpose only

    Can anyone help me please

    Thanks in advance

    Rashid Khan

    Dear All

    I am using Version 2010 and have problem shown in the attached sample

    I have a workbook with two sheets
    Sales, Customer

    Sales sheet has Data Headings in Col A to Col K

    Data in Sales sheet runs down to several Hundred Rows

    Sample shows only 10 Rows for explanation purpose

    The macro should create a Result Sheet and then copy the values from Sales Sheet looking up for appropriate columns in Sales and Customers sheet and give a Result Sheet

    I have put requirement under each Columns of Sales and Result Sheet and Color them for explanation purpose only

    Any help would be greatly appreciated