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    well I need that: in column C shouldnt matter in which cell date is written, if the date in column C is between dates in col. A and B it should check that
    ( for example : In cell A3 and in cell B3 dates are written- 21/05/2006 in A3 and 24/05/2006 in cell B3 and in cell C1 date is written -22/05/2006
    Now I need column D to say "true" or "false" if date in C is in that range
    Now if date in C1 is between A3 and B3 should say "true" else "false"
    and so on, It shouldnt matter in which cell in C column date is it should find every date in columns A and B that coresponds to date in C column

    thnx for ideas

    Re: include that weekends are free

    Would it be possible to decrease work rate according to holidays, if I know which translator goes to holiday in advance( I mean when I am assigning the job to group I already know how many translator on certain date are going on vacation). So I would change work rate when I assign job to the group and not later ( that I assume is much harder to do)

    That could be done right, or am I thinking wrong ?

    Re: include that weekends are free

    Sound complicated but I will try :)

    but If I will suceed that is another question :(
    and how could I get information about remainig pages until last deadline

    Thnx for all your help I would crap my pants without you :)

    stay cool

    Re: include that weekends are free

    Do you think I did it right if I deduct 0,9999 from latest end because in O column you put +0,0001 at the end?

    And I get satisfying result if I deduct 0,9999 from latest end

    And regarding this changing work rate cna it be done this way:

    lets say If date in column P is date that exists between F and G (Datum and Rok) and in column Q I will put how many translators are on date in column P absent. So lets say I have

    22/05/2006 and 25/05/2006

    and now in column P I have date 23/05/2006 So I check if this date is between dates 22/05/2006 and 25/05/2006 and in column Q I will wrote 1 which means that only 1 translator is absent on 23/05/2006 and therefore I must decrease work rate with 6

    Do you think that could do well


    Re: include that weekends are free

    but let say I only change the criteria for one document and instead of criteria 6 I put 4 would i get the right results ??

    And how can I be done that the on the day of deadline document should already be translated because the day on deadline is reserved for revision
    so the deadline should not be considered as day for translating this document
    Any ideas

    Thnx for everything

    Re: include that weekends are free

    Looks good I will check more detail. Just one thing the date of deadline( lets say 23/05/2006 is the deadline)- this day should not be included as available day for translating

    And does on sheet2 in "D2" working time affect anyting because workday is 7,5 hours long or let say 8 hours

    And you see it is like this:
    This are supposed to be 4 groups of translators and in each group there are 8 translators so this give me 6*8=48-pages to translate per day
    And if one of the translators goes for a vacation the group can translate only 48-6=42 pages per day, what do you think how could I approach to this problem?? Any ideas

    Thnx for such a quick response

    Re: include that weekends are free

    Actually I a not using AE for holiday information. I use AE for dates which are the holidays but I dont use network days I just decrease criteria for 6 pages if date in AE is between dates in E an F columns (between Date and Deadline)
    (I am decreasing criteria if date in AE is between dates from E and F)
    But that is not the best solution because then it decreases criteria even on days when translator is not on holiday(I guess I should increase the number of pages for 6 if translator is on holiday one day and if he is on holiday for 2 days then I should increase nr of pages for 12 .. or something like that)-what do you mean

    Does this helps you somehow

    thnx for all your help

    Re: if value in A1 than...

    it should check if any date in cell from A1 to A1000 is between any cells from range B to C (check if between cells from B1:B1000 and C1:C1000, A1 to A1000 occurs

    Something like that I cant explain it good cause I am not that good in English
    Maybe if You ask me if I meant like that or some other way you would understand better

    and thnx for such a quick response I am really bad at this (still learning)

    Re: include that weekends are free

    thank you very much I really apreciate this

    (I will try to find some solution but I doubt I will figure something out)
    So hope you'll figured out something I think I am not yet capable of solving problems like that

    stay cool and thnx again

    Lets say I have a date in A1 which i want to compare to all cells from B1:B100 and C1:C100 to see if this date is within range B1:C1, B2:C2 and so on and then in column D I have answers true and false.

    So when date in A1 or A2 or A3 .... is beetween date B1:C1 or B2:C2....
    the answer in D should be true or false

    something like this


    A B C D
    1.) 22/05/2006 18/05/2006 23/05/2006 "TRUE"
    2.) 18/05/2006 26/05/2006 "TRUE"

    See in second row it should also says TRUE in D2 because date in A1 is beetween B2:C2 not just between B1:C2

    See what I mean it should check all the dates in range B to C to see if date in A1 or A2 ... is betwwen those two dates

    I am very lost on this one :(

    Re: include that weekends are free

    Can ypi please check this out because it is the main reason I guess that this is not working 100% you will se in example in ozgrid 1.xls are exactly the sam e records as in ozgrid 2.xls except nr of pages are mixed instead of 3 is 6 and instead of 6 is 3 in second and third row

    ozgrid 2.xls has the right result but I guess also ozgrid 1.xls should have the same result but it doesnt.

    Do you have any idea why is like that

    thnx for all your help


    • ozgrid 2.xls

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    • ozgrid 1.xls

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    Re: check conditions in multiple cells with one cell

    Now I ran into some other problem actually it is like this;

    Your formula checks if date is within range of dates and if true then I deduct cell AG with 6 in same row where AH is "true" but actually I would like to deduct cel AG only there where range of dates include date from AE( complicated :)) for me I mean let me put this in example cause I cant explain it that good

    I will post u an example as soon as I am done with it

    and thnx for all your help

    Re: put records into 2 sheets with one button pressed

    It is like this when user type data in textboxes on UserForm and then presses ADD button these records are put in sheet1 and this macro puts records one at the time in each cell, but additionally to this I must put the same data at the same order in free row into sheet named Izpisi

    I wrote something like this, but the point where I activate sheet "Izpisi" it does activate it but it does not put records into this sheet it puts them into previous sheet

    here is the code